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How To Build Muscle Mass And Gain Weight - Maximum Impact Muscle Building!

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How To Build Muscle Mass And Gain Weight - Maximum Impact Muscle Building!
How To Build Muscle Mass And Gain Weight - Maximum Impact Muscle Building! How To Pack On30 lbsof Rock-HardMuscle Mass, Expose Your Abs And Take Control of Your Flabby BodyFOREVER! Before I uncovered the truth about building muscle mass and melting fat, I was unhappy and seriouslyout of shape. After I finished Maximum Impact Muscle Building, I put it to the test - And completely transformed my body and changed my life forever! I Completely Transformed My FlabbyOut Of Shape Body Into A Ripped And Muscular"Work of Art"That I Could Finally Be Proud of... "NowI Want ToShowYouHow To Do It Too!" From Nick Andrade - Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), Lifestyle Weight Management Consultant, And Avid Natural Bodybuilder... If you've tried all the bodybuilding workouts in the muscle magsin an attempt to gain muscle mass and still not achievedthe results you desire... If you've wasted years of your life in the gym painfully sleepwalking through ineffective marathon training sessions... If you've spent a small fortune on worthless bodybuilding supplementsonly to realize that they did not hold the key to muscle growth... You're Going To Like What I Have To Say! Dear Friend, Imagine walking into a room for the first time and commanding the respect of everyone inside instantly! What would it feel like to have all eyes on you as you parade your sleeve stretching arms, massive chest and rock-hard abs for everyone to seeb What youA™re about to learn is muscle building fact. These are the exact same proven muscle building techniques that I recommend to my personal training clients on a daily basis. The very same principles that IA™ve personally used to pack on over 45lbs of rock-hard muscle mass quickly, safely and naturally - leaving my friends and family in awe of my new more muscular body! ThereA™s absolutely no reason why you canA™t achieve results like these too! What no one has probably ever told you is that the muscle building process is fairly simple. ItA™s just a matter of implementing the right principles at the right times and doing it in a systemized and committed manner! Unfortunately No One Really Wants To Tell You The Truth About Building Muscle Mass ItA™s Not Profitable And ItA™s Not Very Exciting! How on earth are supplement companies going to sell billions of dollars worth of bodybuilding supplements once everyone figures out that 99% of all strength and muscle gains come from hard work in the gym, intelligent rest and recovery and a solid bodybuilding nutrition planb NopeThey Would Much Rather Keep You Uninformed And Confused! And if you were lucky enoughto be one of those guys who already Aœfigured it outA, and you were hitting the beach with swollen biceps, a huge chest and 6-pack abs - would you really want to let everyone in on the secret and share all of the attention from the ladiesOf Course Not! Especially Considering How Simple The Whole Process Can Be! So, if you're sick and tired of hearing the same oldmarketinghype that the supplement companies and muscle mags have been ramming down your throat for years now...The same lies and half truths that have been emptying your wallet and wasting your time, then keep reading... I want to prove to you that you can trust me to help you gain more muscle mass than you ever thought possible quickly, safely and 100% naturally without bogus bodybuilding supplements, or unsafe "underground" techniques. Why You Should Listen To Me... Hi, I'm Nick Andrade a Certified Personal Trainer, Lifestyle And Weight Management Consultant and Avid Natural Bodybuilder with more than 14 years of "in the trenches" experience working with people just like you who desperately want to gain muscle mass, but have a limited amount of time to train. I've had an incredible opportunity to see first hand what really works when it comes to building muscle mass safely and naturally,as quickly as possible! I've wasted thousands of hours personally grinding through the latest "cutting edge" bodybuilding workouts to uncover the truth about packing on slabs of lean muscle mass as quickly and safely as possible. Along the way, I've come to realize that the only thing standing between most people and the body of their dreams is access to the right muscle building information! For years now, you've been misinformed and misled by dishonest supplement companies and over-the-top muscle magazines, promising a quick and easy way to gain muscle mass. Well...I'm Here To Set You Straight - Building Muscle Mass Is Extremely Hard Work! It requires discipline and dedication...Not to mention well designed weight lifting workouts, accurate up-to-date bodybuilding information and a top-notch nutrition plan! When it comes to building muscle mass or any other fitness related goals, there are fundamental principles that lead the way to more gains. All that you really need to do in order to build slabs of rock-hard muscle mass is simply uncover the principles and then put them into practice! - ThatA™s It! Here's My Story - AœHow I Gained 45lbs of Rock-Hard MuscleA When I was growing up, I started out a little chubby, then just got fat. To this day, I'm not really sure why it happened. I was active in sports and rarely watched t.v. - I lived a very active life. Once I crossed over from chubby to fat, my life started to change. People began to stare at me wherever I went. Don't get we wrong here, I did have friends and I was a pretty happy camper - but I was always very aware that I was "different" than almost everybody else. I Was Fatter Than All of My Friends! I Was Fatter Than All of The Kids I Played Sports With! I Was Fatter Than Nearly Everyone My Own Age! Check Out These Pictures... Oh yeah...I forgot to mention that my dad was also a high school football coach - So I also spent a ton of time comparing the way my body looked to the way the football players bodies looked. At school I can clearly remember all of the kids making fun of me on a daily basis. Calling me a blob and fat...To this day, I can still feel the cold biting sting of the taunts. I was made fun of for years. This is not meant to be a sob story, it's just the truth! I'm not exactly sure when this happened (I think I was 11 at the time), but I remember waking up one day and making a conscious decision to change the way my body looked and felt. I decided that I was going to do something about it! I wasn't sure where to begin, but I knew that I had to exercise. I started training in the back yard. I concocted workouts composed of pull-ups, push ups, sit-ups and jogging. I performed them every single day for over a year... I Finally Began To Notice A Difference In The Way My BodyLooked And Felt - I Was Electrified, Totally Excited... So I decided to also stop eating unnecessary junk food. This lead to even more fat lossand then I just got lucky! I hit a growth-spurt (around the age of 13) and literally shot up and leaned out overnight. I went from being the "fat kid" to the "athletic kid". People stopped making fun of me and I instantly gained confidence in my body. It Was A Truly Amazing Feeling - For The First Time In My Life, People Were Actually Jealous of My Body! I became extremely active in all different kinds of sports over the next few years, but I completely fell in love with football. Unfortunately for me, even though I had lost a bunch of fat and leaned out,I hadn't gained any muscle mass. I went from being a chubby "fat kid" to being a lean "skinny kid" with almost no muscle...I was scrawny! In order to help me gain strength and pack on some muscle, my father introduced me to weight lifting. I was really lucky that he took the time to teach me the ropes - things like how to warm-up, proper weight training form, the importance of flexibility and how to put it all together into a comprehensive program. After a few weeks, I was completely hooked! I wasn't getting much bigger, but I was gaining strength and confidence! I loved the way my muscles felt during and after a workout, I loved the way my training weights began to steadily increase, I even loved the way my muscles got sore a few days following a workout! Looking back, I think I enjoyed all of it a bit too much!Every time I made a noticeable change in my strength levels or physique, I proceeded to make the novice mistake of "changing things up" to "confuse" my muscles every singleworkout. There was no structure to my training program and any strength and muscle gains I had experienced soon began to evaporate. My Feeble Attempt At Building Muscle Mass Was A Total Mess! My dad could tell that I was getting frustrated, working harder than I ever had before - but not achieving my goals. He sat me down and told me how it was - Basically he forced me to take it easy in the beginning and commit to learning the fundamentals before I progressed to more advanced training routines - no wiggle room. If I wanted to continue my workouts, I had to do it. Turns out it was some of the best advice I'd ever beengiven! I realized at that point that I did not have all of the answers, and unfortunately neither did my dad. So I did what I had to do...I hit the books hard! I devoured textbooks, magazines, bodybuilding newsletters - anything I could get my hands on. I talked with the "big guys" in the gym... Anything To Satisfy My Voracious Hunger For Muscle Building Knowledge! I continued to play football through high school and college and I mistakenly assumed that the strength and conditioning coaches would be able to put me on a weight training program that would help me pack on muscle mass and lower my body fat levels. What I Discovered Shocked Me... After nearly 6 years of working my butt off in the gym and following what ever program my football coaches had put together for me, it hit me like a ton of bricks. I realized that not only had I not gained a lot of muscle mass, but my strength levels hadn't improved too much either. "When I graduated from high school, I weighed a puny162lbs soaking wet - at about 15% body fat! After 2 years of college, Iweighed in at a scrawny175 lbs soaking wet at 14% body fat..." I knew I could do better than that. I was frustrated, confused and really pissed off. I had bought into the system, done what I had to do and still didn't feel that I was living up to my full potential. I Decided To Take Things Into My Own Hands I scrapped the football training programs (at least during the off season) and started to implement what I'd learned about building muscle over the years. Inorder to keep myself accountable and motivated, I signed up for the EAS BodyFor Life Challenge. I put my head down and went to work.Ididn't try anything too fancy during the 12 weeks,I just stuck with basic compoundexercises and a solid high carbohydrate muscle building diet. I cut out alcohol, laid off of junk food and made sure to get a full 8 hours of sleep each night. And made it a habit to perform 20 minutes of cardio 3 days a week. I achieved some pretty decent results - still nothing too amazing, but finallysome long awaited progress! Here Are My Before And After Shots.... "When It Was All Said And Done, I'd Gained20lbsof Solid Muscle Mass And Lowered My Body Fat From 18% To 7%!" I Was Pretty Excited At The Time, But I Knew I CouldStand To Add More Muscle To My Frame. I Became Infatuated With Learning How To Build Muscle Mass...AGAIN! I hit the books hard, pumped my college professors for knowledge and slowly began to uncover the truth about building muscle mass quickly and naturally! I experimented with different styles of workouts, tweaked my diet and blew through THOUSANDS of dollars experimenting with bodybuilding supplements that were supposed to be the "missing link" that finally allowed me to pack on some muscle mass. What I discovered along the way, is that the muscle building process - at least the stuff that really works, is pretty straight forward and simple.There's not a whole lot of "fancy tricks" that you can apply that will actually help you build muscle mass outside of the basics. I Also Discovered That The Muscle Building Process IsA Very Individual Journey. What Seemed To Work Well For Other Guys Just Wasn't As Effective For Me! Taking this new-found knowledge and putting it to practice, I discovered the secret to building muscle mass... "The Secret To Building Muscle Mass Is That There Is No Secret - Only Time Tested Principles That When Implemented Lead To Muscle Gain - That's It!" Soon after I discovered the "secret" to building muscle mass quickly and naturally, I was able to get to the gym and hammer out my weight lifting workouts in less time than ever before! The Magic Muscle Building Equation: This Is The OnlyWay To Build Muscle Mass ThatLASTS! "No potion powder or pill will do it for you. You need to learn exactly how to train, eat and recover to stimulate new muscle growth! The Maximum Impact Muscle Building is the very same system I usepersonally to pack on serious muscle mass fast!" I put in the hard work, paid my dues and figured out exactly how to pack on slabs of rippling lean muscle mass at will! I was gaining strength, muscle mass and confidence with each and every workout, and attracting a lot of attention from people in the gymWhat A RUSH! I donA™t think a single day went by where someone didnA™t come up to me and ask me how IA™d gained so much muscle mass so quickly! Every day, I listened to story after story from guys who'd paid thousands of dollars for the best bodybuilding supplements or wasted months of their lives following bogus training advice from uninformed Aœpersonal trainersA...After a while, I started to get mad! Eventually I got tired of listening to the stories of hard working everydayguys who were being taken advantage of. And to be completely honest, I also started to get annoyed with people interrupting my workouts. All of The Interruptions Were Starting To Have An Impact On My Hard-Earned Muscle Mass! knowingthat people reallyneeded to learn how tobuild muscle mass quickly, safely and naturally - but not really knowing how to help them, I decided to put all of the muscle building knowledge I'd gained over the years to good use... Iput together a step-by-step muscle building system that could take people by the hand and teach them exactly how to build muscle mass fast - without having to resort to bogus supplements or unhealthy tactics! Icompiled my training program onepiece at a time, making sure to coverall of the important stufffrom bodybuilding nutrition to muscle building mindset and everything in between! I designed 36 weeks of growth stimulating workouts and I put together a full exercise demo guide complete with color demonstration pictures and I started using thisprogram tohelp my clients achieve absolutely unbelievable muscle gains! Over time, I was able to tweak and restructure this unique Aœmuscle building systemA to make it as effective as possible Introducing... Maximum Impact Muscle Building! A complete and unique muscle building system based on the powerful bodybuilding secrets of top personal trainers and elite athletes - designed specifically for everyday guys who want to build muscle, burn fat and turn heads when they walk into a room! All of the components of this unique system are delivered instantly in downloadable e-book format (PDF) and they are absolutely jam-packed with all of the muscle building techniques previously only know by a select group of my private clients - I haven't shared this stuff with anyone outside of my private training sessions! Maximum Impact Muscle Building Is Composed of... The 117 page muscle building manual that outlines the fundamentals of building rock hard muscle mass (No fluff or filler!). The 60+ page Nutritional Advantage Workbook chock-full of meal templates and nutritional strategies that will allow you to build muscle mass at will! 36-weeks of professionally designed muscle building workouts that are guaranteed to help you lay down slabs of rock hard muscle mass fast! (just print them out and hit the gym - start building muscle today!) "This program contains all the information you'll ever need to help you pack on slabs of lean muscle mass, quickly, safely and naturallywithout using drugs or unnecessary supplements!" Just so you know, this isnA™t some type of theory or hard to understand mumbo jumbo designed to confuse you into buying supplements- itA™s a proven step by step system for building muscle mass quickly, easily and naturally in less time than you ever thought possible! No Matter What Your Goals Are, You Can Start Using This Powerful SystemRIGHT NOW To Build More Muscle Mass Than You Ever Have Before -Quickly, Easily And Painlessly! Click Here To Start Building Muscle Mass Today! Inside Maximum Impact Muscle Building, YouA™ll Find A Simple Secret That Will Allow You To Instantly Add Inches To Your Arms- Imagine What It Would Feel Like To Actually AœFill-OutA The Sleeves On Your Shirt! YouA™ll Be Amazed At The Simple Technique That Will Allow You Load-Up The Bar With More Weight Than You Ever Thought Possible- In Order To Stimulate Massive Muscle Gains - With Each And Every Workout! Your Arms Will Swell, Your Waistline Will Shrink And Your Confidence Will Soar! Learn The Secrets To Safely And Naturally Boosting Your Testosterone And Anabolic Hormone Levels - On Autopilot! Why Fight Your Own Bodyb Instead of Making Things More Difficult Than They Have To Be - YouA™ll Learn How To Actually Use Your BodyA™s Natural Muscle Building Hormones To Your Full Advantage! Uncover Rest And Recovery Secrets That Will Literally Force Your Body To Lay Down Unbelievable Amounts of Rippling Muscle Mass! How To Deal With Uncomfortable Muscle Soreness -This Section Covers A Step- By - Step Technique That Reduces or Even Eliminates Sore Achy Muscles . Get Off The Couch And Back In the Gym In Record Time! How You Can Actually Gain More Muscle Mass While Wasting Less of Your Valuable (And Unrecoverable) Time - Than You Ever Have Before! YouA™ll Get Immediate Access To All of The Maximum Impact Muscle BuildingA™s Professionally Designed 36-Week Muscle Building Workouts! ThatA™s 36 Straight Weeks of Growth Stimulating - Fat Melting Workouts That Have Been Designed Specifically To Help You Ditch Your Scrawny Body And Trade It In For The Body of Your Dreams As Quickly As Possible! Just Print Out The Workouts - Hit The Gym And Watch As Your Body Transforms Before Your Eyes! Find Out What It Really Takes To Build Slabs of Rippling Muscle Mass - No Fluff Filler or Crap! Who Knows Maybe YouA™re Not Ready For A System Like This! Learn The Ins And Outs of All of The AœImportantA Muscle Building Nutrients. From Protein To Carbs And Everything In Between- YouA™ll Have Access To A Nutrition System That's So Detailed All You Have To Do Is Print Out The Instructions And Get To Work! Are The Muscle Building Strategies Hard To Learnb No, anyone can learn how to do this. Most of the proven principles of muscle gain are common sense, but few people put in the effort to achieve lasting results. Add a little hard work, to the professionally designed workouts and nutritional strategies in this system, and the muscle mass will start packing on! The Down And Dirty TruthAbout Building MuscleMass In order to build jaw dropping amounts of lean muscle mass, there are a few things that you absolutely must pay attention to. If you neglect to address any of these variables, then your muscle building program will simply not allow you to pack on muscle mass as efficiently as it should! The Critical Elements of Any Successful Muscle Building Workout... Muscle Building Exercise Selection - Are your workouts designed to use the best muscle building exercisesb The Order of Your Muscle Building Exercises - If you don't do the right exercises in the right order, you'll have a very difficult time stimulating any muscle growth at all! Adequate Rest Intervals Between Work Sets - If you rest too long, you'll lose momentum and your workout will die! If you don't rest long enough your muscles won't fully recover for the next set. Appropriate Muscle Stimulation Overload - In order to pack on slabs of rock hard muscle mass, you've got to give your muscles a reason to grow. Learn how to stimulate your muscles into amazing growth quickly and easily! The Proper Duration of Your Bodybuilding Workouts - If your workouts last too long, you're undermining the effectiveness of your workouts. Why even go to the gym if you're not going to train as efficiently as possibleb The Mindset Required To Stimulate Lean Muscle Growth - Sure the muscle building process requires you to hit the gym and pay attention to your nutrition plan, but how intense is your workout going to be if your mind is not 100% focused on your goalsb Find out how to tap into the unbelievable muscle building power of your mind! Pre And Post Workout Nutrition - Nutrition is the backbone of your muscle building plan. Eat the wrong foods at the wrong times and you won't even come close to achieving your muscle building goals. On the other hand, if you time your meals right you can cause your muscles to explode overnight! Learn how to take advantage of the famed pre and post workout muscle building windows of opportunity to stimulate even more natural muscle growth! All of theseelements must be present in your training program in order to stimulate lean muscle growth...No Exceptions! As you've probably guessed, sitting down 5 minutes before you hit the gym and slapping together a few random exercises is not going to cut it if you're serious about building muscle. In Order To Finally Break Through And Pack On Serious Muscle Mass, You Need A Well Thought Out "Plan of Attack" A way to ensure that your time in the gym is as effective at stimulating muscle growth as possible! Let's face it, it takes some serious time and effort to get through your muscle building workouts whether they produce the results you want or not! The crazy thing takes just as long (if not longer) to struggle through an ineffective workout, as it does to actually do it right! This is why so many people simply give up on gaining muscle mass and resign to having an average looking body for the rest of their lives. They either go all out following haphazard bodybuilding workouts from the muscle magazines with no reason or rhyme for what they're doing, or they fall victim to the wrong advice. Either of these scenarios can be a frustrating waste of time, and damaging to your muscle building success! If You're Serious About Achieving YourMuscleGain Goals Once And For All... Sick and tired of all the bogus supplements and over-hyped training programs...Ready to cut through the crap and finally start building a body you can be proud of, then Maximum Impact Muscle Building Can Help! Flip The Switch And Send Your Body IntoAnabolic OverdriveBy Implementing These Killer Strategies... The One Principle That You Must Incorporate Into Every One of Your Workouts - If You Ever Want To Build AœREALA Muscle Mass! Learn Once And For All How To Train AœHard and HeavyA Without Over Training or Injuring Yourself... DonA™t Let An Unnecessary Injury Derail Your Muscle Building Progress - Not Only Is This Downright Depressing, But YouA™ll Have To Start All Over From The Beginning After You Recover! High Carbohydrate or High Fat - Learn The Truth About High Carbohydrate Bodybuilding Diets - The Truth About The AœAnabolicA Diet And Find Out Once And For All, Which Approach Is Right For YOU! This is the only bodybuilding nutrition information youA™ll ever need! A Simple Weight Training Technique (YouA™ll Be Kicking Yourself When you Learn This One!) That Will Allow You To Dramatically Increase The Weight That You Train With Instantly! We All Know That Heavier Training Weights Lead To More Muscle - YouA™ll Be Able To Instantly AœTap IntoA The Unbelievable Power of Your Own Body - Naturally! Eliminate Over Training And Plateaus Once And For All - Once You Get This Down, YouA™ll Be Able To Build Muscle Mass At Will! Do You Know How Often You Should Be Training For Maximum Muscle Growthb Most People DonA™t Even Have A Clue! No More Guessing - Hone In On The Ideal Muscle Building Workout With Laser Precision! Finally - The Truth About Exactly How Much Protein You Need To Be EatingIn Order To Stimulate Muscle Growth (HintItA™s Not1 Gram Per lb of Bodyweight Per Day!) TheGrowth StimulatingPrinciples That I Teach InMaximum Impact Muscle Building Are Powerful! When I Put Them To The Test - They Allowed Me To... Build 10.4 lbs of Lean Muscle Mass... Burn 11.9 lbs of Nasty Body Fat... Decrease My Overall Body Fat Level By 5.6%... In Only 2 WEEKS! When I personally put the workouts and nutrition outline to the test for only 6 weeks of the36-Week Maximum Impact Muscle Building Training Program,I Gained 20.5lbs of Lean Muscle Mass! Melted Off22.5lbs of Body Fat! AndIHadn'tEven Gotten To The "Meat And Potatoes" Core of This Program Yet! The 12-week pre conditioning cycle of The 36-Week Maximum Impact Muscle Building Training Program on itA™s own, is enough cutting edge information to help you pack on slabs of rock hard muscle mass. I'm talking 20, 30 or even 40lbsof all natural muscle mass in only a few weeks! AœI Guarantee It 100% And Have Achieved The Results To Prove It!A After finishing out the first 12-week phase of the Maximum Impact Muscle Building workout program I had... Gained31.2lbsof Rippling Lean Muscle Mass! Melted Off33.6lbsof Nasty Body Fat! Increased My Strength Levels Through The Roof! "Amazingresults for someone who's been training for over 19 years!" Imagine What Kind of Results You Could SeeAfter Working Your Way Through The Entire 36-Week Maximum Impact Muscle Building Program! Here's Just A Sample of What The Maximum Impact Muscle Building SystemWill Do For You... Allow You To Build Massive Amounts of Rippling Lean Muscle Mass While Training Only 2 Hours A Week! Give You The Knowledge To Ditch Your Love Handles And Expose Your Ripped Six Pack AbsFor Good! Empower You With A Step-By-Step System For Taking Charge of The Way Your Body Looks And Feels! Ok, sit down close your eyes and imagine what it would feel like to have a constant, never ending supply of energy and a newfound confidence in the way your body looks and feels! Imagine what it would feel like to live a new life full of excitement, without having to worry about the way your body looks when you take your shirt off. What would it feel like...what would change for youb I'm here to tell you that all of this can be only a few weeks of honest effort.No gimmicks, no pills and no crap - Just the truth about building slabs of ripped and shredded muscle mass quickly, easily and 100% naturally! 100% Unconditional 6 Week 60 Day "No Questions Asked" Money Back Guarantee! I'm confident that you'll absolutely love Maximum Impact Muscle Building - That you'llbuild a ton of muscle fast and finally achieve the body of your dreams! If you don't agree that Maximum Impact Muscle Building is the most practical and eye opening information you've ever received on the subject of building muscle, simply email me and I'll issue you a full 100% refund on the spot. No hard feelings and no questions asked! In fact, I'll extend this guarantee for 8 full weeks after you download everything! That's right,60 days to hit the gym and grow with the information contained in this unique muscle building program. Either you build more muscle mass or ask for (and receive) a full refund! I can afford to do this because Maximum Impact Muscle Building is the "real deal" customers are building muscle mass like crazy - and if you apply what you learn I'm 100% certain that you will too! The important thing is to start now. Download the course and start using the information to your advantage today. I've made it simple and affordable, the rest is up to you, all you need to do isClick Here To Order Now! Give Me Just 30 Minutes A Day And I'll TakeYou By The Hand And Teach You How To Gain30 lbs of Rock Hard Muscle Mass In Only 12 Weeks... I'll teach you the exact same step-by-step system that I use with my private clients, some of which have paid me thousands of dollars to learn how to build muscle mass quickly, easily and 100% naturally! For the small investment of only $197.00...$67, you'll get access to a system that will change your body and your life for the better! The purpose of this training system is to not only teach you how to build more muscle mass quicker, easier and safer than you ever have before, but also to educate you about the muscle building process so that you can continue your quest for a more muscular body on your own terms. This trainingsystem was built around the fundamental principles of bodybuilding and muscle gain, the exact same principles that form the cornerstone of my custom designed bodybuilding programs and one-on-one personal training sessions. No Fluff - No Filler - No Crap - Just The Truth About Building Muscle Mass Quickly, Easily And Naturally! "If you take the time to read through and implement each lesson, workout and nutrition strategy with a sense of purpose - I am 100% confident that you will build more muscle mass quicker than you ever have before!" Nick Andrade's... Maximum Impact Muscle Building! Here's The Full Deal - Exactly What Your Getting With Your Purchase of Maximum Impact Muscle Building... Maximum Impact Muscle Building Stop Wasting Your Time And Start Building Muscle Mass Today With The Most Complete Muscle Building System Available Anywhere At Any Price! Inside the pages of the instantly dowloadable 117 page Maximum Impact Muscle Building main manual, you'll learn the underground techniques required to build amazing amounts of muscle mass quickly, safely and 100% naturally! "Let me takeyou by thehand and teach you the exact same techniques I'vepreviously only shared with my $75 an hour personal training clients!" Take charge of your body and claim your new life today! Valued At: $97 Free Bonus Gift #1 Maximum Impact Muscle Building Nutrition! Your Nutritional Habits Alone Will Account For 80% - 90% of The Muscle Mass You Gain (Or Fail To Gain!) This awesome 60+ page muscle building nutrition guide takes you by the hand and walks you through the process of creating your ideal muscle building nutrition program! Learn how to calculate your target calorie value, how to piece together your ideal muscle building meal and how to address pre and post workout nutrition. The Nutritional Advantagecomes complete with worksheets that you can use to jumpstart your muscle building nutrition program immediately! Valued At: $67 Free Bonus Gift #2 The 36 Week Muscle-Blasting Workout Guide! 36 Weeks of Gut-Busting, Sleeve Stretching Workouts Professionally Designed To Give You An Unfair Muscle Building Advantage! These killer workouts have been designed to allow you to build massive amounts of lean muscle mass quickly! Based on recently discovered muscle building principles, these workouts allow you to stimulate muscle growth with efficiency and accuracy. Simply print out the workouts and head off to the gym! This training guide even has a place to log your workouts and record your progress! If you paid me (or any other personal trainer for that matter) to put together a seriesof workouts like these you'd pay at least $200.00...Just for the workouts alone! Valued At: $200 Free Bonus Gift #3 The Maximum Impact Muscle Building Exercise Demonstration Guide! Learn How To Perform Each Exercise In Maximum Impact Muscle Building Correctly! Learn how to perform every exercise listed in the Maximum Impact Muscle Building 36 week workout guide with impeccable form. Prevent needless injuries and ensure that you are stimulating maximum muscle growth with each and every repetition! I take you by the hand and demonstrate all of the exercises that are recommended in The Maximum Impact Muscle Building. It's like having your own personal trainer right there with you! Valued At: $27 Free Bonus Gift #4 The Maximum Impact Muscle Building's Automatic Metabolic Calculator! Don't Let A Fear of Math Stand In The Way of More Muscle Mass! If you've ever been confused by all of the equations that go into designing an effective muscle building meal plan, Maximum Impact Muscle Building's Automatic Metabolic Calculator is for you! Simply plug in your weight, % body fat, length and duration of your workouts into this Excelspreadsheet and the Automatic Metabolic Calculator automatically spits out your "Ideal" target calorie value! This is an area where most people get lazy - they just don't want to do the math. The Metabolic Calculator is aconvenient and effective way tofocus in on your bodybuilding nutrition plan! Valued At: $27 Free Bonus Gift #5 Custom Designed Muscle Building Meal Templates! Make 100% Sure You're Eating The Right Foods For Muscle Gain! A lot of people simply give up on their dreams of a new more muscular body because they just don't want to take time to plan out their muscle building meals. Listen, you and I both know that it's a total pain in the butt to plan out each and every detail of your bodybuilding nutrition plan. But the truth is that it's absolutely essential to your muscle building success! In order to gain muscle mass, you've gotta eat the right foods at the right times... period! If you're having a hard time implementing a nutritional strategy that works, these professionally designed "Anabolic Advantage Series" muscle building meal templates will come in handy. Each template targets the exact amount of muscle building nutrients that you need in order to fuel sustained muscle growth! Simply print out the meal templates that fit your situation and goals and start preparing your meals, it's that simple! Valued At: $197 Free Bonus Gift #6 Nutrition Log Book How Many Calories Did You Eat Yesterdayb If you're like most guys, who are trying to build muscle mass, you have absolutely no idea how many calories you're eating on a daily basis. If you're not sure exactly how many calories you take in each day, it's nearly impossible to make the changes to your diet that will yield massive muscle growth! Simply print out the Maximum Impact Muscle Building Nutritional Log Book and start keeping tabs on how much protein, carbohydrate and fat you're eating at each and every meal. This is a habit that leads to sustained muscle growth each and every time! Valued At: $19 Free Bonus Gift #7 Special Report... How To Warm-Up For Maximum Muscle Gains! Smart Warm Up = Instantly Heavier Training Weights! Did you know that the way you warm up for your intense weight training workouts sets the tone for every muscle building repetition that followsb Not warming up properly opens you up to unnecessary injury and crappy yawn inspiring workouts! This special report takes you by the hand and teaches you how to warm up for maximum muscle growth. No more haphazard fatigue inducing warm up sets - just a laser targeted plan for warming up your muscles with peak efficiency! If you get your warm up right, you'll immediately be able to train with heavier weights for your growth stimulating work sets! This is one of the most overlooked yet important aspects of your muscle building workout routine! Valued At: $19 Free Bonus Gift #8 Goal Setting Checklist Log Book Track Your Progress And Achieve Your Goals Quicker! If you get in the habit of tracking your progress on a regular basis, you're 100% more likely too achieve your bodybuilding goals. 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