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Ten Pips A Day

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Ten Pips A Day
Ten Pips A Day Home || Affiliates || Order Now A“The NO B.S. way of FOREX Trading A– Only for people who really want to make money and arenA’t emotional wrecksA”. Stop Wasting Your Time On Complicated Over-Priced Programs And Discover A Powerful Step By Step Strategy That Even A Child Could Understand! From the Desk of: James Thompson . Subject: Ten Pips A Day Dear Friend, IA’ll let you in on a little secret, very few people believe it and even less will admit to it. Most FOREX traders Lose Money. Do you know whyb Most traders trade based on their emotions! I know itA’s hard to believe but IA’ve seen more than my fair share of traders that act on emotion and justify it using figures! You donA’t need to be a genius to know that that is the fastest way to your early bankruptcy. My name is James Thompson and IA’ve been a FOREX trader for the better half of my life. I started when I was quite young as did most people and naturally I fell into the same trap of buying or selling currencies based on my emotions then after that justifying it to my peers based on statistics. My trades were ill chosen and basically followed the crowd which again is a big no-no. The end result of this was that I was declared bankrupt 5 years ago. That threw the A“ONA” switch in my head, I knew why I failed, I did not have a proper system to follow and I was not disciplined in my trades. Dont let emotion control your trading it only leads to failure! With this new found understanding I hit the books. I studied the basics of currencies all over again. I went to libraries, I talked to mathematicians, I even bought other e-books about FOREX trading. All of these sources provided hypothetical models of how currencies should move, however, none of them provided the hard and fast answer that I wanted. The worst part was all the rest of the e-books. They sold absolute rubbish! Almost all of the A“GURUA’sA” were not even traders. They would even go so far as to say how much you could gain if you leverage this and you leverage that. I think that is purely irresponsible of them to sell the idea of leveraging to novice traders. The ONLY way these people make any money is by selling their overpriced e-books and CD's full of basic FOREX trading tips that you can learn from any trading book off the shelf. ThatA’s it. These people are CORPORATIONS. They are not there to help you. All they want to do in the end of the day is to make a sale; they have no A“secretsA” to offer or anything that is even worth a penny. I donA’t know about you but buying e-books from irresponsible non-traders that have not spent a single minute of their lives trading does not sit easy with me. Honestly, do you think they will tell you anything usefulb DonA’t buy into these SCAMS. You Have Been Warned! Follow my easy to use strategy and you will never use another system again! After 5 years of research and data compilation IA’ve basically put my findings from all my research, trials and testing together to form a framework in which traders can profit from following a simple system. I have developed a couple of dozen effective trading strategies that, if followed to the tee, would earn you money through trading the PIPS. The amazing thing is, you donA’t need huge amounts of cash to start up, the Average Joe can just start with a very small amount of $1000 to start turning a daily profit. Some of these strategies are so simple that you will practically wonder why so little people are actually making a living trading the FOREX. I will show you exactly how I made a constant daily income from making an easy one hour trading session per day. There are no loop-holes or secrets, rather it is just a tried and proven framework to execute trades that will see you make money from movements in currency pairs. Since youA’re still reading, IA’ll let you in on another secret that I have discovered over the years of FOREX trading. Trading for more than 2 hours a day is dangerous. IA’m sure youA’ve seen some day traders glued onto their computer screens for hour on ends waiting for that exact moment to exercise their trade or looking for trends here and trends there. I think this is absolute madness and contributes enormously to the trader getting emotional about their trades. IA’ll tell you exactly what happens, the trader will see slight movements that donA’t seem to make sense if compared to their A“rulesA”; they would then question these rules and somehow in their over-exhausted mind, consider them useless and that only their A“feelA” on the market can actually see them to a profit. What I have just described is your basic traderA’s mind set when confronted with uncertainty and fatigue. It is a sure way again to your early bankruptcy. In my trading program that IA’ve developed, IA’ve made it a requirement that the trader is only allowed to trade for 1 hour a day. This is an absolute requirement so that the trader can see the longer term benefits to the framework and will not do something stupid like question the framework based on one PIP movement in the opposite direction. You will see that over a single days trade my framework will always stay true and will always be able to calculate the next movement up or down of a certain currency pair based on historical data. The framework never changes and is always correct, the only people that lose money are the ones who think they are smarter than the framework and trade beyond its scope. These people are emotional wrecks and should not even be traders because they lack the discipline and patience to be a successful trader. I can say with 100% confidence that when I show you my framework youA’ve probably heard of something similar and youA’ll probably be kicking yourself that you didnA’t think of it earlier and not loose so much money A“educatingA” yourself on the FOREX markets. I can tell you that the anger and frustration will soon turn to JOY as you see your daily trades returning a constant profit. For novice traders, my program will put you years ahead in terms of your trading capability. For expert traders, my program will simplify your trades so greatly that you would be wondering to yourself if you are a full time trader or a full time golfer. IA’m even going to go one step further; IA’m going to show you the traders-mindset builders that I consider one of the most important factors in the success of a trader. IA’m sure you would agree with me when I say that trade discipline is one of the most important factors that will determine if a trader is a success or a failure. IA’m going to show you how to build this discipline and not get spooked into doing silly things on the market. ThatA’s right, IA’m going to explain to you in a step-by-step process how to remain calm in light of uncertainty and not to flinch when it seems the market is taking a divergent stand to yours. IA’m going to teach you how to trust the framework that I developed and why I can GUARANTEE that if you follow it, you can turn a profitable Ten PIP trade almost every single day with only 1 hour of trading. ItA’s that simple. You now must be thinking to yourself, why would a guy that uncovered such a powerful trading framework want to share his information with other traders. No one in the right mind would put this information out to the public and risk loosing his trading advantage. Some of you must be thinking IA’m mad, but IA’ll give you three reasons why IA’m putting this information up for public consumption: On of my peers committed suicide 5 years ago when we were trading the same currency pairs, I was declared bankrupt and he was too, the only difference was that a light came A“onA” in my head that told me I had to do things differently, a light came A“onA” in his head telling him that he didnA’t have a future anymore and he then took it one step too far. I donA’t want this to happen to anyone anymore. Those traders that donA’t trade using a framework, be it mine or their own risk loosing everything. I donA’t want anyone loosing their life earnings or even their life. Trading is actually very easy provided you have a framework and discipline. Everyday, on average USD$1.5 trillion is traded in the FOREX. I donA’t know about you but that is a very big pie. I doubt that by publishing my e-book it would make a single dent on my daily income. There will always be idiots around who think they know best, follow flawed frameworks and even make emotional trades. Its just a matter of attitude. Even if I publish my e-book and 1 million people read it, IA’ll bet that 80% of them will still think that they are better than my framework and somehow still trade beyond the scope of the framework. Thus, this 80% of the readers will still lose money trading and still wonder why. I can teach everyone everything, only the few who are receptive enough to my framework and discipline will benefit from my research. Who should not sign up for my Program Just to be clear on what IA’m offering and who it suits IA’m going to list down the types of people that I think should not consider buying my program. Even if they bought the program it would not benefit them at all. They should just take the money they use for trading and donate it to their closest charity. It would do more good. People who are too arrogant to learn a new framework that would make their trading life a lot easier and stress free. Go on, continue making bad trades. People who think that they can A“feelA” the market and base their trade on emotional calls. These people have no chance to succeed at all. People who get bored easily and trade so that they can get the rush when they make a successful trade. Go to the casino. People who think that in order to make money trading, they have to spend a substantial amount of time in front of their computer analyzing figure after figure to get an answer. I tell them that the answer is to get a life. People who donA’t have a life and think that FOREX trading should be a 9-5 job. It offers you freedoms that no other form of work can. DonA’t be limited by your own mind-set. Basically my program is a step-by-step easy to follow system which enables you to make a profit from a minimum of 10 PIPs movement in a day. My framework will tell you which currency pairs are going up or down. For example, I can tell when EUR/USD will take a turn in the market. I can tell when USD/CAD will start a bullish upswing or even when USD/JPY will start to trade on the flat. The program is actually so easy to follow that a lot of people that have bought my program complain through their feedback that they are bored. You must be aware that the whole idea of making money continuously day after day may be boring, then you have to find something else to excite you in your life. Go bungee-jumping. My program is almost mechanical and you must be ready to do something else with you additional time. Spend it with your children or your partner! So what am I offering youb I am offering you the exact trading framework and trading discipline training that I went through and used to enable me to trade a maximum of 1 hour a day, get a solid income based on 10 PIPs movement a day and leave the remaining 23 hours a day for my family and my golfing. Unlike the other irresponsible programs out there IA’m not going to give you poor advice and rehashed trading tips. IA’m not going to give you 1000 pages full of filler rather IA’ll give you a concise explanation of my framework which I GUARANTEE make you your money consistently, every single day IF you are disciplined enough to follow it to the very word. You have to be pretty dense to muck this up. Proof Of How This Simple Entry and Exit Method Is A Winning Strategy Worth Adding To Your Arsenal! With our method, market entry can be made with a greater degree of confidence, and immediately you reduce your chances of being whipsawed. Take a look at some results using this method. These are hypothetical results, that are based on real time trading and not on backtesting. By that I mean, these trade setups were sent in real time and are not based on going back in the past to see what would of or could of been: Take a look at a series of trades over a few trading days in the British Pound/US Dollar Buy/Sell Entry Price Exit price Net P/L buy 1.9100 1.9130 +30 pips buy 1.9150 1.9175 +25 pips sell 1.9200 1.9140 +60 pips sell 1.9190 1.9150 +40 pips sell 1.9270 1.9250 +20 pips buy 1.9290 1.9340 +50 pips sell 1.9340 1.9300 +40 pips sell 1.9300 1.9270 +30 pips buy 1.9118 1.9128 +10 pips buy 1.9173 1.9290 +17 pips These are not back tested results. These are hypothetical results based on signals sent to our private clients. With the GBP trades listed above. You will see the actual chart, the actual signals and the mind blowing accuracy that's so precise at times that many trades experienced absolutely NO DRAWDOWN! While that may give you goose bumps, it's important to know, that no assurance can be given that these results can be duplicated. However, what we will give you is the complete How To for this trade set up - blow by blow - along with the price rules of entry and exit that are so simple you'll only need to read them once. We show you actual chart action. You can then take what you learn and go back as far as your heart desires and see for yourself the gigantic power of this simple entry and exit method. Does this simple entry and exit method loseb Well of course it does. It often has losses that are very small in comparison to the profits and we've seen markets when the reverse was true. If the trade is going to be a loser, more than 50% of the time you will know on the day you entered the trade. Also the protective stops are identified at the same time the entry is identified which works to minimize your risk and capital exposure. A Trading Strategy So Simple and Comprehensive It's Fully Explained To You In 4 Easy Steps There's no mathematics needed to calculate where the stop goes. It's not based on Fibonacci retracments, support or resistances or anything that you may currently be using like that. Again... this is very simple and straightforward. So simple in fact, that we have broken down each precise trade action in 4 easy steps. The ebook even includes actual charts from the market action that has produced these incredible profits. Of course the consistent profits are alluring - but there's actually a much bigger benefit to having a trading method that's as simple and straightforward as this - and that is the freedom! Here's What You'll Discover Inside This Concisely Written eBook: A high possibility and low risk entry setup with detailed coverage on how to enter... it's so simple! Exactly how and where to exit to lessen losses and increase profits... fast! Understanding of why this simple overlooked method works so well... you'll be shocked with surprise! Various detailed recent charts driving home this simple strategy... the undeniable proof it has the potential to work well! How to identify the SUPER HOT currency pairs about to make gigantic moves... this alone is worth more than 100x the price of the eBook! How to keep away from the riskier trades and keep from getting caught and whipped in market noise... absolutely priceless! Every detail, with top to bottom - A thru Z explanation of this trading method so you can begin using it immediately in your trading and capturing any up coming profits from new trade setups... nothing is left to guess work! You could study tons of trading courses and books, however this is the only eBook that uncovers these precise proven details of a real-world trading technique that can generate consistent profits and build a significant income for you. The moment you open to begin reading about this simple method, we give it to you straight. There's NO fluff, NO crap and absolutely NO superficial page fillers. Here's What You Will NOT Find Inside This Incredible eBook: The history of the Forexs Currency market... give me a break! What a Forex contract is... uh, yeah - right! An overview of other methods and systems... that's a waste of time and space! My life story... who caresb Advertising to sell you something else like software, videos or other books... (smile!) Don't just take my word for it - here's what others are saying (All testimonials are on file and used with permission): Hi, James. I Can't thank you enough for showing me your strategy, Ever since I began applying your simple system to my everyday trading style I began seeing increasing profits in my forex account!. Henry Beckings Miami, Florida James obviously knows what he is doing, look at the results, but on top of having incredible results.........He enjoys helping us find success in trading.(email him a question, and learn for yourself!!) Jamie England All I can say is WOW! If it wasnt for this ebook i would still be pulling my hair out trying to find clear trade entries. Thanks again James for sharing this strategy with us! Kevin You donA’t have to spend $500, $1,000 or $1,500 to learn a potent method of trading! Please note that my program now contains ALL of my research into developing a framework. It is put in a concise manner for easy digestion but is basically the findings of my 5 years of intense research. Like I said before I doubt that it will make a dent in my daily trade, however if I find that it does, I reserve the right to delete some of the content or to pull the book from publication. If I were you and was interested in making a few easy trades a day to constantly turn a profit I would seriously consider buying my program now while it is still at its infancy of its publication life-cycle. DonA’t come back to me crying when your friend or peer starts constantly making silly amounts of money and you are left out with your measly few thousand dollars a month working a crap job. You have been warned. If you decide to purchase my program, click on the link below to order. You will have INSTANT access to my framework and you can download it to you PC even if it is 2am in the morning. The cost of my program is a silly $67.00. WARNING! This introductory price WILL increase without notice. So please don't delay. You'll kick yourself if you come back next month and find the price has increased to $147 -- or more. Don't miss out on this Simple But Powerful Overlooked Method of Market Entry and Exit, that could make this your best year ever. Now, for a limited time, you can purchase and download this quick-read step-by-simple-step manual at nearly 60% off the final, planned price of $147 by ordering now for a risk-free $67.00! Claim your copy today! This professionally designed manual is in .pdf format, viewable with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can purchase and download this report immediately. Order now! Make no mistake, at this price your investment would be well worth every penny. But I still want to make it even easier to say 'Yes' by throwing in 1 incredible bonus. Take a look at what I've got lined up for youA You've got everything you need to begin successfully banking profits with this simple method - but wait there's moreA FAST ACTION BONUSES JUST ADDED! For the next 100 traders that are doers and dedicated to their success, I am offering the following 'Fast Action' Bonuses: BONUS #1: Three Online Video's These exclusive videos give youfront row access as I walk you through each detail of the TenPips strategy right on your PC. This is as good as sitting next to me at my desk because you can see and hear me explain everything in crystal clear detail. ($95 value) BONUS #2: Free Course Upgrades You may not think that this is such a big deal but consider this... Try going to a book shop and purchasing a trading book and see if they will give you every new edition for the next 10 years or more for free. ($670 value) BONUS #3: Free Ongoing Education As a member of the Ten Pips Program you will also receive new trading lessons to help reinforce what you are learning in your manual. I will also share with you invaluable market insights that I have gathered over 15 years and thousands of hours watching the markets real-time. To give you an example...I often put out new trading videos that highlight, demonstrate and teach you how to use the program for maximum profits.I never rest on my laurels and am constantly striving to make your learning experience and trading results better than your greatest expectations. ($250 per year value) 100% 'Better-Than-Risk-Free' Guarantee Now in case you have any lingering doubts whatsoever, I want to make this opportunity as risk-free as possible (actually better-than-risk-free). So I will completely guarantee you'll love this Simple But Powerful Overlooked Method with my ironclad guarantee: Our 100%, 56-Day A— Yes, That Means EIGHT FULL WEEKS A— Love-it-or-Leave-it, Risk-Free, Money Back Guarantee! Don't say yes right now. Just say maybe. Give it a try. Order Our Ebook, go through the strategy, learn the secrets and try everything at your own pace. TenPipsADay comes with a no-questions, no-hassle, Eight full weeks, full money back guarantee of its purchase price. If for any reason whatsoever you decide this course isn't right for you, just send it back to us at anytime within the next eight weeks and we'll buy it back from you for every penny you paid. ThatA’s a whole 56 days to evaluate it yourself and put these strategies to the test. Now thatA’s more than fair! Apply what you discover and learn with this amazing ebook to your own trading. And within 56 days, I'm completely confident that your maybe will turn into a resounding YES! If not, and if you're not absolutely blown away by the results from what we reveal in TenPipsADay then retrace your steps, return it to us for a no-questions-asked refund. That's my personal promise, James Thompson Market millions are not just given to you because you think you deserve it, although thinking you deserve to be successful is a very good starting point. Startling success is only given to the few who can diligently follow a well thought out trading plan, which is what this book is all about. You might be a rocket scientist or shelf packer - it makes no difference. You only need one thing that works in the market to make money. Your money I.Q. is not measured by how many letters you have after your name. It is however measured by how many zeros there are after your name. To Your Forex Success! James Thompson P.S.: Why do some traders almost always make money tradingb They find a great trading plan and stick to it! ***Trading performance displayed herein is hypothetical. Hypothetical performance results have many inherent limitations, some of which are described below. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those shown. In fact, there are frequently sharp differences between hypothetical performance results and the actual results subsequently achieved by any particular trading program. One of the limitations of hypothetical performance trading results is that they are generally prepared with the benefit of hindsight. In addition, hypothetical trading does not involve financial risk, and no hypothetical trading record can completely account for the impact of financial risk in actual trading. For example, the ability to withstand losses or to adhere to a particular trading program in spite of trading losses are material points which can also adversely affect actual trading results. There are numerous other factors related to the markets in general or to the implementation of any specific trading program which cannot be fully accounted for in the preparation of hypothetical performance results and all of which can adversely affect actual trading results. Read our Full Disclaimer

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