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Basket Weaving Made Easy

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Basket Weaving Made Easy
Basket Weaving Made Easy Discover the Joys of Basket Weaving! New Hands-On Guide Covers Everything You Need to Know To Become an Expert! Dear Basket Weaving Friend, If you have ever wanted to discover how to weave beautiful baskets, then this is definitely the most important letter you will read today! Heres why: Im about to reveal the secret that allowed me to learn how to create beautiful baskets in just a few short weeks a secret that I am sure will work for you as well! But before I do, allow me to introduce myself. Hello, my name is Mohamed Fowroj and I consider basket weaving to be one of the most fun things in the world to do! Its true I love everything about this wonderful hobby from selecting the materials to carefully crafting each design to placing the finished piece in a place of honor in my home. I also love basket weaving because I work in a very technical job, and this hobby is very relaxing and also gives me a sense of accomplishment when I complete a project. Plus, people really seem to enjoy receiving my handmade baskets as gifts! (And I really enjoy all the money I save not having to buy gifts from expensive stores!) I guess you could say that Im addicted to basket weaving and all its incredible benefits and now I want to enable you to enjoy this amazing hobby as well! The Worlds Oldest Known Craft Is Still Going Strong Today! Did you know that basket weaving is a craft nearly as old as human civilization itselfb Even today, archeologists throughout the world continue to unearth baskets dating back thousands of years. Radiocarbon dating of baskets found in Faiyum, located in Upper Egypt, indicate they are between 10,000 and 12,000 years old. Other baskets, found in the Middle East, date back over 7,000 years. Historians agree that these ancient baskets are older than any pottery artifacts excavated to date. In fact, most historians
agree that basket weaving is the worlds oldest known craft. Throughout the centuries, baskets have served a utilitarian purpose. The type of plant life available in a region affected the choice of materials used by basket makers. Many materials require a specific method of weaving, twisting and/or braiding, as well as a certain texture, to render them durable. Primarily used as vessels or containers, there are baskets woven so tightly that they can carry water and other liquids without leaking a drop! In ancient times, essential basket functions were to carry food, water and seeds, as well as to store clothing and to transport everything from children to chickens. Today, as in the past, baskets are used to carry dozens of items, from eggs to flowers. Specialty baskets, particularly those crafted by native tribes, serve to carry and store a myriad of items, including, but not limited to: Hair adornments Fruits and nuts Mail And sewing supplies Baskets are even used to store supplies that crafters use to create other baskets. Also, because they are handmade, many baskets today are considered decorative pieces or works of art. People living on nearly every continent collect and display baskets ranging in value from less than a dollar up to the highest known advertised price of $45,000! But Despite the On-Going Popularity of Basket Weaving, Learning How to Perform This Hobby Has Always Been Difficult Until Now, That Is! Finding the Right Basket(s) to Make Discover 10 Popular Types of Baskets What They Are Used For! There are dozens upon dozens of popular baskets made around the world! Discover 10 of the more interesting ones as well as learn what they are used for in this FREE 5-part mini-ecourse! You may even decide you want to make one or more of these baskets one day soon! Please note: This material is drawn straight from Basket Weaving Made Easy so you can see firsthand the quality content this ebook contains! Simply enter you name and email address below to receive this FREE, five-part mini-ecourse: Your Name: Your E-Mail: We promise to never sell or give away your personal information to anyone. Introducing the Basket Weaving Made Easy eBook! This ebook contains everything you need to know to begin creating beautiful and functional baskets in no time! Thats right, this is the
basket weaving secret that I told you about earlier! Read this ebook and in a matter of weeks, youll be crafting beautiful baskets that look as if they have been created by a pro even if you currently have no basket weaving experience whatsoever! Heres just some of what you will learn from this amazing ebook: Basket weaving terminology because the art of basket weaving spans the globe, the terminology used in this craft is universal learn these terms and youll soon feel right at home at the craft store or when conversing with other basket weavers online, in person or anywhere else for that matter! The five types of baskets and how to choose which one to make first! The 22 tools that all good basket weavers should have plus, how to quickly find them all and save money when buying them! Essential materials youll need to craft your baskets plus, the best, most inexpensive places to buy them! How to prepare and store your materials these tips will save you hours and hours of frustration later on! What every good basket weaver needs to know about trees, shrubs and climbers this information may surprise you! How to find and use the perfect special textured material for your basket these tips will put you on the fast track to creating beautiful baskets! The 10 most common and popular basket weave combinations used today and how to quickly and easily perform each one! What method is commonly used to create ribbed baskets and how you can easily become an expert at using it! How you can easily make a round basket or oval basket in no time at all youll be amazed at how easy it is to make either one when you follow these simple instructions! The four most common types of baskets and how to make them! How to make 14 other common baskets photographs and/or illustrations are included to make the learning process even easier for you! How to easily make intricate sides, handles, borders and lids for your baskets follow these tips and youll be amazing your friends and relatives and not to mention yourself with your ability to create beautifully designed baskets in no time! Plus, you will also learn: 10 specialty baskets Helpful hints and tips that will save you a tremendous amount of time, effort and money! And much more! You will also gain access to these valuable tools: A metric conversion chart A comprehensive directory of basketry associations and guilds that you can utilize to gain even more up-to-date information on this exciting hobby! So Why Learn Basket Weavingb Basket weaving does more than just provide you with functional storage devices. It also: Stirs your creativity Gives you an ongoing sense of purpose Teaches patience Soothes the soul from the stresses of everyday life Plus, it can be a great source of additional income! How would you like to work when you wanted to - be your own bossb Sounds good doesn't itb Imagine doing something fun like basket weaving and getting being paid for it. How great would that beb Youd be able to work from home no more dealing with rush hour traffic or the expense and worries of day care! People would actually be paying you to stay home and make baskets baskets that would then be displayed in homes as pieces of art to be admired by people you've never met. Now wouldn't that be a fabulous feelingb You could even choose to start your basket weaving business part-time while continuing your current job. That way your hobby could become a great second or third income. Imagine bringing hundreds or thousands of extra dollars into your home each month. Would that help pay the bills or allow you to buy those little extras youve always wantedb Some basket weavers even make $5,000 or more a month! How would you like to take your family on vacation whenever and wherever you wantb How would you like to buy your basketry materials and accessories as tax deductionsb (A perk of having your own business) How would you like to have the flexibility to work around your family commitmentsb Its all possible through basket weaving. But you have to take that first step. You have to learn how to create your first basket. Here are 3 Reasons Why Theres Never Been a Better Time for You to Learn Basket Weaving! Basket weaving is not an expensive hobby it requires a minimal set of tools and supplies! Never before have there been so many lovely and imaginative materials from which to choose and so many stylish and sophisticated patterns to work with! And, most importantly, never before has it been easier or less expensive to learn basket weaving thanks to my Basket Weaving Made Easy ebook! This eBook is Perfect for Both Beginning and Experienced Basket Weavers! Basket Weaving Made Easy is jam-packed with truckloads of useful information, valuable tips, beautiful photographs and clear illustrations! Everything a beginner needs to get started on his first basket weaving project or that a current weaver needs to improve her basket-making skills! This comprehensive ebook features: A general overview of basket making Basket weaving terminology Differences in basket weaving styles and techniques How to make two easy and functional baskets A description of common tools and materials needed for basket weaving Information about specific textures and weaves used in basket weaving Helpful hints and tips A metric conversion chart A list of basketry associations and guilds Numerous photos And much more! If you love making baskets, or just enjoy looking at them or maybe even collecting them, then this ebook is a must-have for you! Youll find: In-depth coverage of the history and geography of baskets Detailed advice on basket design, materials, techniques, care, and repair! Step-by-step instructions for making an array of baskets! And much, much more! This is the definitive ebook on basket weaving! Reading this ebook will make you want to run out to your local basketry material supplier so that you can start making beautiful baskets as soon as possible! So What Are You Waiting Forb Order Basket Weaving Made Easy Today Learn Everything You Need to Know to Become a Great Basket Weaver in No Time! Plus, Order Now You Can Save Money By Taking Advantage of My Special Introductory Offer! How much would you expect to pay for basket weaving advice and information that will enable you to begin creating beautiful baskets (and works of art) as well as help you become more creative, give you a sense of purpose, improve your patience and reduce your stress levelb Certainly, considering all the benefits that accompany this fun hobby, even a hundred dollars would probably not be unreasonable but relax you wont have to pay near that much for the Basket Weaving Made Easy ebook. In fact, right now, for a limited time, you can take advantage of a special promotional offer and receive the Basket Weaving Made Easy ebook for just $19.97 thats a full $10 off the regular price of $29.97! Plus, If Your Order Now You Will Also Receive This Valuable FREE Bonus Gift: Bonus Gift Basket Patterns Special Report (a $11.97 value) Basket weaving is an integral part of every culture on earth. One of the most enjoyable aspects of basketry is learning new patterns and styles. Presented in this special report are a number of patterns of varying types for your interest. Youll receive step-by-easy-step instructions for making: A Valentines Day Mini-Basket An Indian Corn Decorative Basket A Nice Storage Basket A Candy/Nut Basket And a Pie Basket Includes illustrations to ensure you fully understand the process! With Basket Weaving Made Easys Unconditional 100% Money-Back Guarantee, Youve Got Absolutely Nothing to Lose! I am so sure that you will love this ebook that I am offering an unconditional 100% money-back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply notify me within 56 days and I will refund your money, in full, with absolutely no questions asked! Thats EIGHT FULL WEEKS to put this ebook to the test. Either learn how to create beautiful baskets or get your purchase price back. I dont think I could be any fairer than that! You really do have absolutely nothing to lose and access to a world of basket weaving information to gain! Plus, if you order the Basket Weaving Made Easy ebook, you can take advantage of my immediate download feature to begin reading and benefiting from the books expert advice and comprehensive information in just minutes! Click here to download your copy today! What is an Instant Downloadb Even if you have never downloaded something from the Internet before, its incredibly easy to do. Just follow the simple instructions. And by taking advantage of instant download, you will also enjoy these benefits: No shipping costs. No waiting time, forget having to wait weeks for delivery. No risk of your product being lost or damaged in the mail. I Know What You Are Probably Thinking But Why Should You Really Buy This eBookb Why Should You Listen to Meb So what makes me a basket weaving expertb Why should you shell out your hard-earned money to hear what I have to sayb The simple truth is that as someone who loves the hobby of basket weaving and who has been making baskets for over 10 years now, I understand the needs and concerns of those who practice this hobby and Ive gone to great lengths to ensure that they are all addressed in this ebook. Read Basket Weaving Made Easy, and you will be able to begin, or continue, your basket weaving with the confidence that you have a solid foundation of skills used by all of the best weavers. Ive talked to the best and Ive studied under the best and Ive put all of their very best tips, tricks and techniques in this ebook. Follow my instructions and your very first basket can look like it was made by a professional! Not only do I tell you exactly what to do but I also give you the reasoning behind every step. Building on the solid foundation that I provide you, you will be able to transfer your newfound skills to every other basket you make, and you will be ready to tackle more difficult basket projects in the future. Basket Weaving Made Easy gives you complete step-by-step instructions for creating and taking care of beautiful baskets. Nothing important is left out! Read this ebook and you will be able to complete your first beautiful heirloom with fun and ease and youll feel confident and relaxed when you share your masterpiece with your family and friends! Still Not Sure This eBook is Right for Youb Let Me Give You Four More Reasons Why You Should Buy It Today! Still not sure it is possible to learn basket weaving from a bookb Well, it is! And Im willing to give you 56 days to find out for yourself. If you dont learn how to make baskets like a pro by reading this ebook, simply notify me within 56 days and I will refund your entire purchase price! This ebook is a literal treasure trove of basket weaving tips and techniques. Here are four more reasons why you should buy this ebook and tap into this hidden treasury today: If offers meticulous instructions and great diagrams and photos Basket Weaving Made Easy offers all the best instructions for creating beautiful baskets in an easy-to-follow format. The information is not overwhelming. In Basket Weaving Made Easy, the instructions are presented in a clear, easy-to-follow manner that makes learning to create baskets fun and exciting. You don't have to spend a lot of money. Many books out there cost an arm and a leg and then they only deliver part of the information you need. Plus, they usually want you to buy all these supplies from companies they have promotional agreements with that you dont really need. Not so with Basket Weaving Made Easy. The price and content of this ebook simply cant be beat. Plus, on the pages of Basket Weaving Made Easy, youll even learn how you can save money on tools and supplies! Basket Weaving Made Easy is comprehensive. This ebook extensively covers the techniques of basic basket weaving. It is also full of helpful time-saving and money-saving tips, tricks and techniques that even more experienced weavers will find beneficial. The beginning of the book also contains an exhaustive list of common basket weaving terms and what they mean, which is very, very handy for beginners. Order Now and Begin Immediately Discovering the Joys and Comforts of Basket Weaving! Remember, order Basket Weaving Made Easy now and you will save $10 off the regular price of $29.97. But dont delay! I must warn you that I cant keep this ebook at this low price for long. It is far too valuable. To take advantage of this tremendous offer while it lasts, click here to order today! Also remember, with my immediate download feature, you can be reading and benefiting from this ebooks expert advice in just minutes. This is Your Chance to Completely Bypass the Frustrating, and Not to Mention Expensive, Trial and Error Stage and Go Straight to Being an Expert Basket Weaver! Basket Weaving Made Easy is filled with proven, practical tips that will help you avoid the common mistakes beginning basket weavers make saving you time and money and allowing you to begin immediately crafting beautiful baskets that will be enjoyed and shared by future generations! Ask yourself this question: Wouldnt it be great to be able to make beautiful, inexpensive handmade baskets for family and friendsb Well, now it is possible learn how with the Basket Weaving Made Easy ebook! Sincerely, Mohamed Fowroj Author of Basket Weaving Made Easy P.S. Remember my special introductory offer wont last long. Receive Basket Weaving Made Easy for just $19.97 before it is too late! P.P.S Also remember, that you are making this purchase at absolutely no risk. So grab this special price while you can! If Basket Weaving Made Easy isnt everything you were expecting, simply notify me within 56 days and I will refund your money immediately. P.P.P.S Let me give you one more reason why you should buy this ebook today: It gives you all the very best advice and information on basket weaving in one easy-to-use resource. Why spend hours and hours tracking down information that may or may not be reliable when you can learn everything you need to know about creating beautiful baskets and I do mean everything in one convenient, inexpensive ebookb Click here to order today. Home | Disclaimer
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