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Cake Decorating Genius

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Cake Decorating Genius
Cake Decorating Genius Love Decorating Cakes, And Ready To Take
Your Skills To A Whole New Creative Levelb
Discover The Insider Guide To Easily
Master The Art Of Cake Decoration! You Too Can Produce Cakes
That Look Professionally Done But At A Fraction Of The Cost! Cake
Decorating Genius Is Now Fun, Easy,
And Hugely Satisfying!
Whether you are interested in cake
decorating as a hobby or a potential business or career, Cake
Decorating Genius is your key to success!
Decorating cakes is one of the truly simple
and satisfying pleasures in life. Taking a plain cake, fresh out the
oven, and knowing how to turn it into a veritable masterpiece of
culinary creation, with professional looking decoration and creativity,
is a joyous experience. We can show our love and appreciation to
people around us with a beautifully decorated cake, for a birthday or
anniversary or christening or wedding. Or we can decorate away for no
reason at all, just for the sheer fun of it! Yes, cake decorating can be fun and
satisfying, but not if you dont know what youre doing. If youre
trying to make it up as you go along, figure it out through trial and
error, try to just copy pictures without understanding the process or
the techniques you need... Youre going to end up with A LOT of wasted
ingredients, wasted time, and piles of frustration and disappointment.
But as of today, you dont have to feel any
of those negative frustrated feelings, or waste one more ounce of
chocolate or sugar or butter!
With the incredible Cake Decorating
Genius Guide, you can truly conquer the art of cake decorating quickly
and easily, and loads of fun along the way!
Dear fellow baker and cake
decorator, It doesnt matter if you want to start a
cake decorating business or simply create beautiful cakes as a hobby,
Cake Decorating Genius will teach you step by step everything you need
to know to get started. Cake Decorating Genius is about teaching you
how to create cakes that look and taste professionally done.
Tell me, if this sounds like youb You are baking a cake mixing the icing
together making it the color you want then wondering where should I
startb So you start sketching out the design on paper it starts looking
beautiful on paper but then reality sets in How do I make that flower,
or the pasteb Well it was easier on paper, but not as easy
as you think when doing the actual design. After that you look online
for different techniques by Googling it still looks easy in the
"partial instructions" but doesnt give you exactly what you need.
Hours later youre stuck with stiff icing. This is a common problem for
newbie cake decorators.
There are specific little "tricks
of the trade" that all baker use when decorating cakes. You'll never
read about these online, these are trade secrets... until now!
Imagine being able to show off beautiful,
professional-looking cakes and imagine never being frustrated with cake
decorating again. Think about it...How good would it feel to create
Cake "Sculpture" so spectacular that would leave your friends
bragging about you and your work wanting to "show you off" to everyone
they knowb
How'd you like to be considered the "Go to"
person in your family anytime someone needs a professional cake done
for special occasions like family wedding or themed birthday partiesb
How wonderful would that beb
Imagine the sense of accomplishment you
would feel from "conquering" one cake project after another each one
looking better and better as your skills improve!
Just think how satisfying it would be to
apply the same concepts toward starting your own cake decorating
business and to start earning a living by doing something you love. But Couldnt I Just Get Started On
My Ownb Why Do I Need Cake Decorating Geniusb If youre at all like me, youve been
interested in baking and decorating and cooking for many years. We grow
up watching our grandmothers or mothers or fathers or aunties or
whoever, decorate cakes with all those beautiful finishing touches, to
the applause and joy of everyone around them. Many of those people
pursue their cake decorating as a hobby, others as their business or
career, something theyre passionate about and make serious money from.
Watching professional chefs or patissiers decorate cakes is an absolute
joy and so inspiring...
But these cake decorators
you so admire werent just born with these skills, they didnt just
start producing beautiful cakes automatically... they had to work hard
and experience many mistakes in order to get to the skill level they
are at.
The art of cake decorating
traditionally takes many years, much trial and error, many wasted hours
and ingredients, and often a big dollop of frustration and despair....
BUT, today there is a phenomenal shortcut
awaiting you, a back door left open for you to use to sneak in and
achieve the same impressive level of cake decorating skills for a
fraction of the time and money they spent...
This wonderful route to
supercharging your cake decorating skills becomes possible with the
comprehensive, ground-breaking book Cake Decorating Genius!
You might want to increase your skills to
make your hobby more enjoyable or cost-effective, or boost your
technique so that you can start your own cake decorating business and
embrace this creativity as your career...
Whatever YOUR motivations are, Cake
Decorating Genius is the guide YOU NEED to take you from cake
decorating amateur to jaw-dropping artist!
Heres a quick delicious taste of
all the incredible information and techniques and tips contained inside
Cake Decorating Genius... Cake
Decorating Genius will reveal how to go from an amateur cake decorator
to a true artist or professional in next to no time Discover the most
popular cake decorating techniques used by professionals today, and see
how YOU too can use them to astounding effect Uncover
the skills and creative methods used by professionals, without having
to step foot in a culinary school Discover the
beginner's A-B-C of understanding the use and manipulation of frosting
and icing - you'll be off to the best start possible! Uncover
the secret to failsafe cake levelling and layering, so you can be sure
of a beautiful outcome every time Devour our first
rate recipe collections... there's nothing you won't be able to create! Discover
how to make perfect roses, for a beautiful and classic cake decorating
look Overcome the
challenges of rolled fondant, and master the art of snowy-white or
brightly colored icing perfection! Turn
your hand to using Royal Icing, for spectacular results Take a journey
through our advanced frosting recipe collection... you'll be
discovering and producing one decadent, delicious treat after another! Discover
the best path to purse cake decorating professionally, and how to get
off to the best possible start And theres just so much more
Yes, Cake Decorating Genius contains all of
the above, and so much more. This book was written for every domestic
gods and goddesses, those of us who love to bake and decorate cakes but
are just average people which no formal training or experience. Cake Decorating Genius suits everyone from
the beginner to the dedicated professional, containing wonderful
recipes and secret insider tips that will absolutely skyrocket your
cake decorating skills. There really is something for everyone inside,
and youre just going to love the decorating progress you will make.
And its all written in simple
language, with easy to follow step-by-step instructions, quantified
recipes, clear directions and beautiful illustrations. This is not some slap dash collection of
recipes Cake Decorating Genius gives you the tools you need with the
techniques you need, and the recipes you desire with the clear
instructions that make them so incredibly easy to use. In Cake Decorating Genius, the techniques
and recipes are all laid out in detailed sections, from beginner to
advanced, covering every single aspect of cake decorating that you
could ever want to know about.
This makes the skill-gaining
process so incredible easy and fast! You can pick up new techniques and
finishing touches in an afternoon! It's as easy as picking up the book,
selecting a recipe, reviewing the method, and then just getting into
all the fun, instantly!
Heres another sneak peak of what
else will be revealed inside Cake Decorating Genius... Uncover
key troubleshooting techniques to repair any cake decorating situation
that seems to be going wrong, and make it all "right"! See how to start a
cake decorating business Discover
how to design the perfect cake for any occasion, be it birthday or
anniversary, showers, holidays, Christmas, weddings... and produce a
stunning cake as a result! The secrets to
perfect toppings, fillings, and embellishments are revealed, including
whipping, frosting, dusting, glazing, and much much more... Discover
the art and science of cutting and wrapping the board, for truly
professional results Master the use of
gum paste, and marzipan, tricky substances that are so important for
truly professional looking cake decorating results! Uncover
the fun of figure piping, or the joyous satisfaction of producing
beautiful flower decorations... you'll feel like a veritable cake
artist! Enjoy our classic
recipe collection... your friends and family will be amazed at the
depth and breadth of your baking and decorating mastery Master
our advanced frosting techniques with our easy-to-follow instructions,
and watch as your cake decorating skills skyrocket up to a truly
professional level! Discover make and
use ganache in your baking and decorating efforts, it's a delicious and
very useful addition that any budding baker simply MUST master! Yum! And there's just so much more
waiting inside Cake Decorating Genius! This is a book that you will
love and treasure forever!
Just think about it... Aren't you ready to
take your cake decorating skills to the next levelb Don't you want to
eliminate the trial and error that most beginners face, and get your
cakes done faster and more beautifullyb Wouldn't you like to be able to
really enjoy your hobby, or set up your own cake decorating businessb
I for one am sure you're super keen to
secure Cake Decorating Genius, so that you can achieve all of this and
more, much to the admiration and envy of your family and friends!
But, perhaps you are thinking...
Just how much do I have to pay for
this wonderful Cake Decorating Genius Guideb
Well, the great news is, not much!
I could easily charge quite a lot for this
book, and considering what you could easily spend on culinary school
attendance or private tuition or endless piles of unhelpful recipe
books, perhaps I really should be charging more! But how could I
really, I love baking and cake decorating, and so do you, and these are
skills and pursuits that should be readily available to all! I want you to be able to enjoy the intense
satisfaction of truly mastering the art of cake decorating, as I have
done, and so for a limited time only, you can secure your very own copy
of Cake Decorating Genius for only... ONLY $47 Yes, for less than the price of a beginners
cake decorating class, you can uncover all the techniques, recipes,
tips, information, styles and practical advice YOU need to truly
achieve Cake Decorating Genius! And just to make the decision even
easier for you, I am also offering you a... 60
confident that you arefy6b5X3I0y going to LOVE this guide Cake Decorating Genius
that I will back it 100%. If for any reason you are not completely
satisfied or do not love the progress you are making with your cake
decorating skills and repertoire, simply return it and receive back
every penny. Truly mastering the art of cake
decorating, and gaining valuable in-depth skills in broad range of
decorating areas becomes possible today, all with the wonderful guide
Cake Decorating Genius. You too can now take your cake decorating
skills to a whole new level, and stop wasting precious time and money
on trial-and-error approaches and endless cookbooks. Once you have your
very own copy of Cake Decorating Genius, youll be an inspiration to
those around you, creating beautiful, professional-looking but
inexpensive, delicious and gorgeous cakes. It just doesnt get any better than that!
Madeleine Passby
PS. Secure your very own
copy of Cake Decorating Genius and begin your path to producing the
beautiful and scrumptious, professional-looking cakes you have always
dreamed of making! PPS. Wouldnt you love to
be able to produce the perfect cake for any occasion, with ease and
calm and skillb Armed with Cake Decorating Genius, youll be able to
just that, much to the thanks and praise of those around you. Get
started today... Cake Decorating Genius is truly within reach, so grasp
it firmly and have fun! Copyright A©
2010 All Rights Reserved. Home| Terms| Privacy Policy|

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