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Date A Stripper

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Date A Stripper
Date a Stripper The Only way to Date a Stripper is to Get Her to ask You Out! Jennifer (aka Stormy), Orlando dancer Sorry Baby, you're sweet,... but I don't date customers. Ouch! Man, that hurts! If you're a normal guy, and you've tried to get a date with a dancer, I'm sure you have heard that line. Never want to hear that line againb Then read on. FACT: In every club, 99% of the girls have dated, or are currently dating, someone they met in the club. FACT: In every club, 99% of the girls will say that they never date guys they meet in the club. It doesn't add upbecause it's crap! There is a piece of this puzzle that's missing... and I found it. Let me show you... But I just dropped 400 bucks on her, the least she can do is have dinner with me. Bullshit. That attitude will get you nothing but frustration. I mean, would you think the same thing of your female dentistb Of course not. From a dancer's point of view it's the same thing. You came in, you paid for a service - you are a customer. And of course, she doesn't date customers! So... Don't be a Customer. Be an Insider! That's the Secret! I'll explain... From the Desk of William Richardson November 9, 2010 Dear Fellow Adventurer, I use the term adventurer seriously. It takes an adventure's spirit to date a stripper. It can seem dangerous and out of your comfort zone, an unpredictable journey into the unknown. But there's also the thrill, the fun, and the reward. Success with a stripper will change the way others view you, and more importantly, it will forever change the way you view yourself. My Most Memorable Moment I took my first dancer girlfriend to a work-related Christmas party. It was amazing. We walked in and everyone noticed. She was terrific, a perfect dress that showed off her awesome body and long legs without being trashy. Gorgeous hair and makeup - stunning. And if there is one thing a stripper knows how to do, it's work a room. She does it every night. We talked to everyone including the company president, she turned on the charm and they all fell in love. But she made it clear that she was with me. I was king for the night. It's something that every man should experience. It's something that you should experience. I'll remember it as long as I live. **Holiday 2010 Update!** I just got my invite to the club's private Holiday Party, I'm a happy man! This is the private event for club employees and friends. I'm booking a room in the hotel where the party will be - the real party starts after the main party! Did this last year and had four girls crash with me afterwards. You Can Do Exactly What I Did - I'll Show You How I stumbled onto this process a few years ago strictly by accident. I was hanging out in a strip club just to have someplace to go on Friday night and avoid the whole singles, dating scene. I'd just been through a hard breakup and I didn't want to date anyone, but after a while they kept asking me out! It took me a few months, and some prodding, to even figure out why it was happening. When I finally did (at the oddest moment), it made so much sense that I was eager to share it with a friend. And damned if it didn't work for him too. Customer Recommendation Last year my good friend Wills and I exchanged our 100 Things to Do Before I Die lists. On my list, item #67 is Date a stripper. When Wills confessed to have dated a series of strippers and topless dancers, I wanted to know how the hell he was doing it. It actually took him a while to figure it out, but once I started doing the things he had been doing, I got dates too - Im still amazed! RLB - Seattle Why This Book is Different Please dont confuse this book with some of the other stuff thats out there. I bought the other How to Date a Topless Dancer guides out there and I was amazed at how wrong the material was. If I could get the rights I'd just give them to you for comparison because they certainly won't get you many dates. My ebook is new material, just published. This program will get you dates with strippers without using false, manipulative, and lets face it, bullshit tactics. No Hypnosis No Nero-Linguistic Programming (NLP) No Bullshit Gimmicks (handwriting analysis, palm reading) No Pretending to be Someone You're Not (photographer, producer) This is All My Personal Experience. It is not based on some stranger who told me the secret! Just an easy-to-follow, straightforward process that puts you in the proper position to be trusted and viewed as Class-A dating material by these girls. Here's how: I'm going to teach you how to be a strip club insider. Someone who is known and trusted in the club. At its core, a strip club is just a well-designed, legal, fantasy designed to separate you from your money as quickly as possible. The only way to be trusted in that kind of environment is to be in on the fantasy! Now, I know you're probably skeptical. That's normal and healthy. Let me give you three good reasons why I can back up what I claim: Reason one: I practice what I teach. My last five girlfriends have been exotic dancers and each of them initially asked me out. And I'm just an ordinary looking guy. Reason two: This program is based on an understanding of a powerful subconscious need that most strippers have and are not even aware of. It's the only way to explain the huge difference between what they say they want in a man and the kind of man they usually end up dating. Reason three: Despite what they may say, every dancer I know has dated, or is dating, a guy she met at the club. Customer Recommendation William, I just wanted to say that your new eBook has me so excited I can't wait to get started! You share some tips and ideas that I just KNOW will make my club visits more fun and enjoyable than they have been. It's great to finally have a plan :) RRC - Orlando Here's What You Will Learn A complete understanding of how strip clubs work. The things you'll be able to talk about and ask questions about will clearly show that you are not an easy mark, you know how the game is played. (page 24) Three easy things to do to get a strong ally in the club. Who to talk to and exactly how to make friends with them. (page 30) The seven most common problems you will encounter when dating a stripper. They are not what you might think. (page 13) You'll learn ten reasons why she will want to date you, even if she says she never dates customers. (page 20) I'll tell you exactly where to sit so you will be with the other insiders, and it's not with the regulars. (page 26) I share with you what I, and others, have done to get their act together before even going into a club. (page 41) You'll learn how to pick a club that will have the most receptive girls and the most helpful staff. (page 45) I'll give you six good questions to ask when getting to know a dancer and the heavy seven questions to avoid at all costs. (page 56) Proven ways to find out more about the girls that seem interested in you. (page 59) I'll describe in detail how to spot the one best shot type of girl working in a strip club. And it has nothing to do with amateur night. This type of girl needs to meet someone just like you! (page 61) I'm going to share with you the 3 best ways to get a girl that is interested to actually ask you out. (page 65) Be her hero and you may close the deal. I'll show three ways that are easy, but she rarely sees. (page 69) 3 bonus chapters - right in the guide. Besides the whole program in detail, you will also get A) my own insider tips, B) quotes from the girls about how they actually DO date club patrons, and C) information pulled straight from dancer training information about how to more get money out of you. (page 100) How I Found the Secret Now, you're probably wondering how and why I can do all those things. Let me explain how all this came about. I met and dated my first stripper at the age of 46. So that should give you hope. And now at the age of 50 I am still going strong with my current dancer girlfriend. Over the last five years I've dated and had relationships with five strippers. And by relationship I mean we dated for months or years. And I could have dated and had sex with many more if I had been willing to date more than one woman at a time. All this and I'm a pretty average guy. Tall, and in good shape, but by no means a stud. I have a decent apartment and drive a '99 SUV. No Porsche, no Ferrari, no mansion in the hills. I make a decent living but not anywhere close to rich. I'm just a guy, so I know it can be done. If I can do it, you can do it. This really started to drive some of my friends nuts, they wanted to know what I was doing! That's when I started thinking about how I had gone from a regular guy with no dates with anyone, to a regular guy with a little black book full of stunning strippers! Here's the Secret! What I eventually realized is that there is a huge difference between what dancers say about the kind of guys they want to date, and the kinds of guys they always wind up dating! So I began my investigation to make sense of this paradox and find the key to becoming appealing to these women. How to Date a Stripper is the product of many months of conversations and observation that I conducted to find the common thread among all the different guys that my stripper friends were dating or married to. Some of these guys were well off, some were bums, some seemed to be average guys like me. What was the common threadb The answer occurred to me one morning about 4 A.M. when I was sitting in the club after closing having a drink and a business-related conversation with the night manager and one of the floor managers. It occurred to me that this was an odd situation for me to be in. Somehow, I had crossed the invisible line between customer and insider. I was not sure when it had happened, but when I retraced my steps, it all made perfect sense to me. And it will to you too. I love that the whole process just makes sense! Act now and get the following FREE bonuses: Since I know it's 100% to your benefit to act right away, I want to sweeten the pot and give you every possible reason to say YES today! If you respond immediately, you'll also receive the following: Free bonus one: Brand New - Just Added !! The Exotic Dancer's Handbook guide . This guide is being sold around the Web for ten or fifteeen bucks, but I finally got the reprint rights and I'm giving it away! This is the basic training guide for new dancers and it tells you all the little tricks they are going to use to try and turrn you into a good little, money-sprouting customer! It also has tons of good information about a strippers life, and great conversation topics. All the things that an insider should know that a customer doesn't! Free bonus two: Secrets of Seduction guide . Ron Luis and David Copeland are the best when it comes to teaching men to be men and in dealing with the mysteries of women and relationships. There is good stuff in this book that can help you project the right image - tonight! Remember, strippers want a classy m-a-n, not a sensitive new-age wimp. Free bonus three: The Kama Sutra guide. Yes! This is the ancient Indian book of sex secrets that everyone has heard of, but no one has actually read! These girls know about sex, so you had better be informed! She has probably heard of this classic, but really knows nothing about it. Teach her and she will find a way to thank you! Free bonus four: Master Oral Sex Now! Written by women for men, this is far and away the best instruction you can get. Anywhere. I read this two years ago and it changed the way I make love. I can't believe the response I get from very experienced women! This ain't their first time at the rodeo, but with help from this report I manage to impress them. It took me forever to find this report again, but I had to have it here for you. If you are going to date a stripper, you must be an oral sex master if you want to keep her happy. Is there any way I can be more fair than thisb Sure there is! I can let you do what any normal person would do in a bookstore - flip through the pages and see what's inside. Look in the right-hand column on this page to find the Table of Contents and a small sample from the Tips extra chapter. Fair enough (grin)b You also get my 'Love it or Shove it' Guarantee! My personal guarantee to you is this; try the plan for 90 days and if you are not satisfied, for any reason, I'll courteously refund your money and you get to keep the whole lot! (Heck, it may take you 30 days to read it all!) The Bottom Line - We're Both Going to Keep on Going Listen, if you are going to keep going to strip clubs, (and let's face it, both of us are going to keep going) then you might as well learn to have as much fun there as possible. With this information you will be a strip club insider tomorrow, next month, and for the rest of your life. After you have finished this material, at the very least, I promise that you'll have a club to call your own, where everyone knows your name, and you can always go for a fun time and not spend much money. Learn New Behaviors - Don't Keep Making the Same Mistakes If you want to be successful in the club, you need to take charge of your style and behavior. You have to cut out the wasted efforts that have continued to fail in the past. So go ahead and start making some changes - Click here to own this e-book right now and you can be knee-deep in this exciting material in a just few minutes! It's all about life experiences As I've stormed into middle age, one idea has changed the way I live. Life is short, and experiences are more important than possessions. Sure I like owning cool stuff, I'm writing this on my very cool Mac PowerBook, but unless you are very wealthy, you have to make choices about what you will splurge on. New marketing data shows that Americans are rapidly becoming mini experts in some narrow field that they love. Women who buy household items and food at Walmart or Costco, so they can afford $500.00 shoes. They are experts and tell a fake a mile away. I do the same thing, I live in a smaller condo and drive a medium-priced vehicle so I can afford to have as many great experiences with beautiful women as I can cram into my life. If you make something a priority in your life, it will happen. Make dating a beautiful stripper a priority and let me help you make it happen! Sincerely, Only $29.95 $17.95 Immediate Download! Over 100 Pages Lots of Bonus Material Fun to Read! Based on My Own Experience! No lies or creepy mind games I tell you Exactly What I Did Not Available Anywhere Else. This stuff is not in anyone else's book Full Guarantee! Click the Add to Cart button above and read right now! No Pay Pal account needed. PDF format! (Viewable on Mac Windows) I use PayPal to process your order. PayPal is the world's largest, and most trusted, third-party e-commerce engine. You can pay by Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover. Customers in the U.S. can also pay by online check. After you complete your payment with PayPal, select the Return to Merchant button to go to the download page where you can have immediate access to the ebooks. I'll follow up with an email just in case you forget :) $17.95 is less than one table dance at some clubs! Spend a few bucks on a dance and it's over in three minutes, spend less than that on this ebook and you'll know how to be an insider for the rest of your life. Just consider it an investment in future fun! P.S. I'm so convinced that you will love this book that I'm going to tempt you with yet one more free ebook ($15.00 value). How to Talk to Young Women is written by dating guru, R. Don Steele. He is all about teaching you to have The Right Attitude when dealing with women, especially young women. The Right Attitude (or TRA as he calls it) is imperative if you are going to have success in a strip club. Make sure you have it! P.S.S. You can purchase How to Date a Stripper for the price of $17.95 right now. This offer is for a limited time only. I'll probably raise the price once I cover my start-up costs. P.S.S.S. Remember - My personal guarantee to you is this; try the plan for 90 days and if you are not satisfied, for any reason, I'll courteously refund your money and you get to keep the whole lot! Customer Recommendation Hi Will, it's 3 in the AM and I'm a little tipsy :) but I just had a great night out and wanted to drop you a note and say Thanks for the great info in the ebook. It is dangerously effective... oh man, what have I gotten myself into!! Danny P, Reno NV Click the Buy Now button above to order and read How to Date a Stripper right now - Even at 3 in the morning! Start a Stripper Business How to Date a Stripper! The Hidden Power of Being an Insider 100 Page Guide Click the Buy Now button above to order and read right now! Powered by PayPal! No PayPal account needed. Click here to Bookmark this page Another New Bonus Book Added!! Just got the rights to The Exotic Dancer Handbook and I'm giving it away! Hot Strip Club Music List! (Just Updated!) And how to use it to get her to see you differently, like someone she would date. The Strip Club Music List has over 100 songs you may never have heard of but SHE loves and hears every night! It Works for Women Too! Hey, I'm as surprised as you are, but I was reading through my customer emails last night (thanks to everyone who has written), and I counted 5 letters from women who bought the book and wanted to tell me their success stories! Who knewb! Table of Contents Introduction - Who am I, and Why am I Qualified to Write Thisb What this Book is Not 1 So You Want to Date a Stripperb 2 Are You Sure You Want to Get Into Thisb 3 Ten Reasons a Stripper WILL Want to Date You 4 Now You Need a Plan 5 Becoming an Insider 6 The Other Insiders 7 The Money Goes Round and Round 8 What to Do 9 Picking a Club 10 Picking a Girl 11 Find Out More about the Few that Seem Interested 12 Let Potential Prospects know that you are in their club 13 Give Her an Opportunity to Ask You Out 14 Be Her Hero 15 Wrap Up Extra Chapters - Insider Tips Quotes from the Girls on..., Have you ever dated someone you met in a Strip Clubb What the girls are being told and taught GLOSSARY Insider Tips How to Receive a Table Dance Theres nothing wrong with getting the occasional dance, I mean you are in a strip club. But how you act while receiving a dance is very important if you are going to get the girls respect and, eventually, affection. At this point, Im sure I dont have to remind you to follow the rules regarding touching. If in doubt, ask. Want to be differentb It's all in the eyes. When I get a table dance, I spend probably 50% of the time looking her right in the eyes. She can grind and shake, but I lock on eye contact with a sly grin. Then, when you DO take a peek at the rest of the goodies, you can have fun with it. Smile, wave, tell her that her coochie is talking to you, act shocked, grin and wave at her through her legs as she bends over, have fun - it helps her loosen up and feel comfortable with you. A long look in the eyes is a powerful thing. Even to a dancer. First of all, its not what most guys do, and it takes a certain level of self confidence to pull it off. But more importantly, there is a chemical cousin of amphetamine - phenylethylamine or PEA, that makes people go all funny inside. It gives you that high you feel when in love or have a serious crush. PEA is released by the brain in response to particular stimuli such as a new touch, and prolonged eye contact. It gives you that little shot of, Yow! Thats the affect the PEA has on her too. Do it right, and with enough confidence and good spirit, and watch this girl actually get a bit embarrassed! This is something we all have very little control over. Learn to use it to your advantage. Let it Happen You cant make this happen with a dancer. Hell, you can't make anything happen with her. Im serious as a heart attack; you must let it happen in its own natural time. She gets to choose. She is the hottie that gets asked out all the time. Her first, reflexive instinct will always be to say no. So dont force her to. Give her time, space, fun and consistency. You have no idea what is going on in the rest of her life. Be her rock, someone she knows she can turn to. Someone who will take care of her. The last thing she wants is more drama from the man in her life. When the timing is right for her she will let you know. Push your agenda, and she will run, or slam the emotional doors shut and just start taking your money for as long as you will let her. Don't Try to Buy Her Trying to impress her with your money and gifts is a bad idea. The more money you have, the worse an idea this becomes. You will have to keep paying forever. The gifts have to keep getting bigger and more expensive. It never goes the other way, they never get cheaper. If you start off on this track you will never truly know how she feels about you, and you will never totally trust her. If you can buy her, then so can someone else with more money. Don't become an ATM - she walks up, pushes your buttons, and you start spitting out cash. There are enough reasons to worry about her at work, why add one more. 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