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Handyman Marketing And Lead Generation To Start And Grow Your Handyman Business Aa” Learn How To Start And Grow Your Handyman Business. Handy Man Marketing System For Handiman

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Handyman Marketing And Lead Generation To Start And Grow Your Handyman Business Aa” Learn How To Start And Grow Your Handyman Business. Handy Man Marketing System For Handiman
Learn how to start and grow your handyman business. Handy man marketing system for Handiman
Handyman Marketing and Lead Generation to Start and Grow Your Handyman Business A” Learn how to start and grow your handyman business. Handy man marketing system for Handiman /head Handyman Marketing and Lead Generation to Start and Grow Your Handyman BusinessLearn how to start and grow your handyman business. Handy man marketing system for HandimanHome
Handyman Advertising and Marketing Tips
Contact Us Get Instant Access to Marketing Tools, Tips and Strategies To Market and Grow Your Handyman Services Business If youd like to grow your handyman business AND keep a full and busy schedulethen this Handyman Marketing website could prove to be the most valuable page youll ever read; irregardless of whether youre just starting a handyman business.
My name is Cartess Ross, and the professional handymen I work with have been taught to market their services entirely different, and as a result, theyA™ve been able to achieve extraordinary results in just a short period of time!
For instance, one of the handymen I worked with and Ill identify him as Mr. Handyman, had some amazing results the very first week he implemented our Handyman Riches Marketing System.
And that wasnt always the case for Mr. Handyman and when I first met him, he was only doing a few handyman jobs a month; just barely making ends meet with his handyman services business.
According to Mr. Handyman, the people who called him were bargain shoppers. They simply didnt wanna pay him the fees he was asking for. They were basically calling around looking for the best deal.
Anyhow, Mr. Handyman saw an ad I was running in the local newspaper offering FREE Marketing Advice (each year I donate 2 weeks of my time to help small business owners market and grow their business; just my way of giving back, but well talk about that some later).
Anyways, Mr. Handyman calls me up and explains his dilemma.
I faxed him over a 5 page questionnaire asking him a bunch of questions, such ashow did he find his customers, where was he adveritising at, which method worked best, what didnt work at all, and so on
After reviewing his questionnaire, I was able to work out a plan of action for him and we met again to discuss.
I showed Mr. Handyman my plan of action and he laughed! He said if it was really that simple, he would have done it a long time ago himself.
He thanked me for my time and walked out.
I didnt hear from Mr. Handyman for about a week so I called to see how things were going. Not one to bite his tongue, he flat out told me he didnt try any of the things I suggested.
Strategies Implemented to Grow Your Handyman Business
You see, Im no dummy, but I sure can recognize an opportunity when I see one. And based on that, I decided to make a wager with Mr. Handyman. I told him I would implement 5 of the strategies that was on the paper and whatever the gross sales were at the end of 30 days, I wanted 15%.
He agreed!
With that said, Mr. Handyman signed an agreement that outlined the details of our arrangement, and with that, I was in the handyman marketing business.
After that, I threw up a simple web site so all the leads would come to me (local leads of course). I went online and posted a few links. I mailed a few letters, and I printed off some postcards from my printer.
Within the first 24 hours, I had people calling me and requesting quotes. I routed all calls to my office so my office manager could track everything. She basically took all the information and passed it on to Mr. Handyman.
And guess whatb
Mr. Handyman started doing work the same day. On his first job, he put $240.00 in his pocketnot bad for 2 1/2 hours of work! And my cut was a whopping $36 bucks, not bad for doing nothing.
But waittheres more!
That customer ended up referring Mr. Handyman to another friend of hers who needed his handyman services to the tune of $750 dollarsand my cut was $112.00.
Well Mr. Handyman felt he didnt need to pay me the 15% because I didnt find that referral.
But like I told you earlier, Im no dummy!
Our handyman marketing agreement also stated that any referrals coming from customers I found, were still considered my customers and that I would be entitled to the 15% commission. He failed to read that part, but no hard feelings though. He was making money and I was making money!
Handyman Work Continues to Come in Daily
The phones continued to ring and quote requests for handyman services continued to come in from the web site and Mr. Handyman continued to stay busy.
By week number two, we started receiving all types of calls and emails from Real Estate Investors asking if our guy needed any additional handyman work.
To make a long story short
Mr. Handyman was able to lock down one deal that included 2 houses whereby he was paid $25,347.17 (disclaimer: materials labor were included in the total).
While working on that project, another investor called him about some property he quoted earlier during the week and that job turned into a $4,857.04 job.
Mr. Handyman was booked solid and the calls and emails were still pouring in. He was able to enlist the help of his 2 brothers and still had to turn down jobs.
That load of business came from just 5 of the 10 strategies I had written out earlier. Could you imagine the work load if I had put all 10 strategies into actionb
Over $50,000.00 Worth of Handyman Services Jobs in 30 Days Over the course of 30 days, Mr. Handyman walked away with over $50,000 worth of work (disclaimer: that was gross revenue). And I got my 15% cut too.
I know some of you guys are probably thinking I took to much from him; and that I should consider the fact he had expenses and so on.
As far as Im concerned, Im the one who took all the risksI put up the web site, ran some ads (very cheap ads too), mailed postcards and letters and had my office manager answering phones.
He didnt even try to implement the ideas I freely gave to him. Therefore, I took all the risks and I deserved to be compensated for it! So I think I did As his handyman business started to grow, I continued to work with him in an effort to fine tune the handyman marketing system. And right now, you have the opportunity to get your hands on a proven marketing system that is guaranteed to put more money in your pocket, starting this week! In August, five other handymen were introduced to my system and their handyman business literally did a 360 and took off!
In September, twelve other handymen tried my system and 9 of those handymen had more handyman jobs than they did 4 months priorThe other 3 simply had excuses as to why they werent able to grow their handyman business! and now its your turn to take your Handyman Business to the next level!
The handyman marketing methods and techniques I use are a little unorthodox; you must be ready try something differentIve already tested it for you and it works!
You Can Literally Grow Your Handyman Services Business and Keep the Jobs Coming in Consistently with our Marketing System! My methods and strategies are straightforward and simple. But very, very few handymen use these techniques.
You will never accomplish your goals using the same methods as everyone else you need the underground tactics that have never seen the light of day and those tactics are revealed in the Handyman Riches Marketing System!
The Handyman Riches Marketing System Is The BEST and MOST VALUABLE Moneymaking System Exclusively Designed For Those in the Handyman Business There is a so called AœMarketing GuruA out there selling outrageously expensive coaching programs for Handymen.
With that program, You Have to Sign a Contract Guaranteeing to Pay The GURU but The GURU DoesnA™t Give You a Money Back Guarantee on Satisfaction or Success.
Pleasethat program canA™t hold a candle to all of the $ Real Money Making Benefits $ that the Handyman Riches Marketing System offers its Handyman Club Members.
And guess what: ThereA™s No Contract To Sign With Our Program And If YouA™re Not Totally Satisfied with our Program For Any Reason You Can Get a Full Refund!
Now ThatA™s a Guarantee!
All I ask is that you try some of the marketing strategies. They work, but you must implement them if you expect to see results!
Are You still thinking, AœCartess, your program sounds too good to be true!A
Well I assure you itA™s not, but youA™ll have to decide that for yourself.
Your Sizzling Handyman Riches Marketing System Includes
A proven blueprint to showing you how to start (if youre new to the business) and grow your handyman business, while keeping steady handyman work coming down the pipeline.
This, Marketing System is jam packed with information that will help you Explode Your Sales and Profits!
Topics include: Offline Marketing Strategies that will drive your handyman services business through the roof
Relationship Marketing A“ keep your referral sources longer and make your relationships stronger by using these powerful techniques
Online Marketing Strategies youve never heard of (and neither have your competitors) that will have your handyman repair services backlogged with work
Goal Business Planning A“ ItA™s been proven over over againYou canA™t hit a target you canA™t see
Developing Your Companies Unique Identity A“ Stop floundering in The AœSea Of HandymenALearn how to stand out in the crowd by being perceived as AœUniqueA
Getting Quality Referrals from prior clients, agents, lenderA™s, others A“ And keep them coming
Publicity Promotion A“ Learn the concepts of how to position yourself and your handyman services as the AœExpertA in the community and get free publicity
Litigation Avoidance Strategies A“ Learn the steps you must take to protect your business from giving your hard earned cash to the Vultures (I mean lawyers)
Financial Planning, Both Personally Corporately A“ Learn the strategies of making your money work for you (or your wife)
Using Your Database To Coin Cash A“ ThereA™s gold lurking in your database A“ Learn how to mine it; and if you dont have a database, thats reason enough as to why you need to become a member today!
By becoming a AœHandyman InsiderA you can avoid these costly mistakes. You can increase your market share and your competitors wonA™t know what hit em! The Handyman Riches Marketing System does not contain the AœTechnical InformationA about how to do actual Handyman work. This System Is Devoted Exclusively To Exploding Your Sales, Leads and Profits!
This stimulating information reveals breakthrough money making and business growth secrets thatA™ll take your handyman business to a whole new level of success.
Wanna Know How Much It Costsb
First let me say this IA™m a smart business man and I understand the more value I give you, the more satisfied youll be. Putting more money in your pocket each month is a beautiful thing and I WILL teach you how to do it!
The Handyman Riches Marketing System DoesnA™t Cost You a Dime, It Actually Pays You!
To become a member of the Handyman Riches Marketing System, youll simply make a one-time investment of $37 and youll have instant access to the handyman marketing manual because its down-loadable.
IA™m Practically Holding You by the Hands and Putting MONEY in your Pocket! And Im not going to hold you hostage
You Can Ask for a Full Refund for up to 60 Days!
If my system isnt making you any money, you shouldnt pay for it. Therefore, Im willing to assume all of the risk so you can try my system.
Ive been told that other programs similar to what Im offering tends to string people along for months while sucking up their money!
Well listen to this, and listen closely
I dont care what program you sign-up with, if youre not seeing results within the first 30-60 days, then you need to drop that program immediately. It doesnt take that long to see results.
And when I say resultsIm not talking about mediocre results, Im talking about significant results!
If my system doesnt measure up, Ill give you your investment back!
Are You Ready To Get Startedb
Joining is simple. YouA™ll be charged a one-time fee of $37 to get the Handyman Riches Marketing System.
BONUS OFFER: I will include a piece that shows you how to get Real Estate Investors to start ringing your phone almost immediately so they can start using your services. This one bonus offer can keep you working on a regular basis.
As You Can See, This By Far Is The Most Valuable
Marketing System For Handymen On The Planet! If youA™re ready to make some serious $ MONEY $, I invite you to Join Us on the thrilling road to Greater Success. YouA™re going to get the Highest Quality, Cutting Edge Information available and the Tools youll need to Explode Your Handyman Sales and Profits!
Sign-up Right Now Dominate Your Local Market Today!
[Once Payment is Processed, You'll Be Able to Instantly Download the PDF E-book and Start Reviewing Right Away] Got Questionsb E-mail Me At:
PS: The Handymen that join the Handyman Riches Membership are going to be in a much better position to Lead in their local market. Their customers are going to view them as AœTrue InnovatorsA.
ShouldnA™t you be the first Handyman in your marketing area to joinb (We already have many Members in CT, TX, CA, TN, GA. Are these guys in your areab) Return to top of pageCopyright 2012 Handyman Riches Marketing System Website Startup Coach

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