Monday, June 3, 2013

Wordpress Blogs Suck

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Wordpress Blogs Suck
WORDPRESS BLOGS SUCK Special Software Finds Hidden Money In Your Blogs LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE GET STARTED NOW There Are ONLY Two Ways To Make More Money Online 1. get more traffic (duh right) 2. make more money per visitor... and you can't do that if they ain't clickin the ads! with most blogs - THE SAME ADS show up on all the pages. so if i find out that my post about my favorite coffee i put on my recipe website ends up getting me tons of traffic... my blog still has the same ads - you know those generic ones you set up when you started the blog... or even worse... adsense... YUCK! on top of that... everyone sees all the content. so there goes the idea of a squeeze page or optin page. unless you use one of those turn my blog into a regular site plugins that kinda defeats the whole purpose of having a blog and makes the search engines forget all about your wonderful content. so... i set out to find some kinda plugin or software that would help me... make more money by having different ads for each page or post instead of generic ads increase my conversions by hiding my content till people join my list allowing me to control my content and ads in a super easy platform that i could change as my traffic changes and after spending over 1.5 million dollars on paid traffic i have learned a few 'expensive' lessons... 1. you must grab your visitor in the first three seconds or they are gone 2. you need to have good 'eye tracking' ie. guide their eyes to what makes you money 3. you NEED to be flexible and able to position and change things as you go along so we know that blogs are the answer to some of our questions like getting traffic, quality scores, ease of use... but what is the real deal... how can we turn a normal blog that makes mere pennies on the dollar actually earn a worthwhile profitb ive been messing around with this question for quite some time and after much testing and a small fortune i have come up with a software solution that solves the big dilemma... just take a look at some of these numbers from a few of my accounts pretty gross right... i mean here we are doing ALL THIS WORK to get traffic for a measly $0.004 per click... NO that is not a typo... its actually less than one cent per click (impression) on my site! so... if you are seeing numbers like this you are not alone. take a look at these stats i got by using the principals in this software just using this one offer i got 6,217 clicks @ $0.32 PER CLICK and made close to $2K... and that's like half the traffic. so imagine how much money i was leaving on the table by not fully optimizing this site for the traffic. bottom line... if you have a site getting traffic but not making the money you want... you are leaving money on the table. but marcus... you don't understand... my traffic isn't made up of 'buyer' keywords! first off... i think the buyer keyword lie is way over rated and frankly a bunch of B.S. ever hear a 'guru' say that if there is no ads for a word... its probably not a good word because competition means its a 'buyers market.' well take a look at this market... no paid ads, no competition, and i don't think they want to buy a funny face per se... and adsense would only bring you like 0.00001 cent per click in this market... yet... check out my results... 14 cents a click... and i didn't sell a damn thing in this non buyer market and that's just in one account... i've actually made over 100K with funny faces ;o) but... dude marcus... thats all cool and stuff... but those aren't really 'screenshots' i mean you coulda' faked it like those fancy clickbank guys ok fine... whatever... here's my clickbank guru stats not that impressive you sayb you are right... because there is a better way to make money... check this out... that's just one of my many accounts i used to pull in over $800K - all thanks to the principals i put together for you in my new software. bottom line... if you are not monetizing every visitor to your site... you are leaving money on the table. not to mention wasting all the time you spent trying to get that wonderful beloved traffic that was supposed to make you rich. you see right now i can buy many sites just like yours for pennies on the dollar. heck many of these go for less than you invested in your domain name and hosting... not to mention all the time you put into it. what a waste. why is thisb Because Blogs Were Not Set Up To Monetize Every Visitor... They Were Invented For All Those Artsy People To Share Their Thoughts With The World. such a poetic thought but i'm here to make money! remember how i said above that you NEED to monetize every visitor within three seconds or you are dead in the waterb well very few people can do this... until now... personally i don't believe in just selling software and sending you on your marry way to 'fend for yourself' i am here to completely gouge you and make as much as humanly possible off you. how's that for transparency in marketing... yea i said it... i want your money... lots of it. and here is how im gonna get it... you have a blog, you have traffic, and you want to see big paychecks. i have my software and a keen ability to match the right offer creatively to ANY traffic... and make a ton of cash... heck you saw the screenshot above where i made like $830K - most of that was on offers that didn't directly match the niche... and almost all of it was WITHOUT selling anything. so... i would like to partner with you. i'm gonna help you monetize your site starting right now. here's how it works. obviously i cannot work with everyone... big surprise there... im not gonna say i'm only letting 4.9 people in simply because i really dont know how many im going to take... but if you are reading this and want in... do so now cause its still open :-) my exclusive 'blog monetizing' software (i really am trying to name it something fancy) is just $297 and comes with some killer training videos on how to use it and everything like that so you can start monetizing every click on your site. you are more than welcome to get the software here for just $127 (but read the rest first) the reason this isn't one of my usual $2,000 products is simply because i have worked out a way where i get 2-5% of the revenue you generate. so my goal is to help you make as much as humanly possible... i did this with a few friends and i personally made over $100K off their sites by helping them find 'lost money' on their blogs... and they love me for it! i really don't want to hinder you with a big price tag and miss out on where the real money is... in making you money! and you get the software to use on as many sites as you like plus ill be hooking you up with a free 30 day membership to my blog profit network where you will get tons of killer webinars, tools, videos, and software, to help you make as much as possible with your blogs... PLUS if you decide to continue on with me month after month... im not gonna charge you the $97 per month i charge for my other coaching... im gonna let you get all this awesome training, help and coaching for just $37 per month... thats right for just $1.19 per day you get all this kick ass stuff to help you profit online. so go ahead, give us a week or so to turn your site around, if at the end of two weeks you don't think i can help you... ill refund you on the spot and let you keep the software anyway. all i ask is that everything is set up with the affiliate companies i recommend because they have the best offers and give me the 'kick back.' This Product Is Backed By Our No Hassle 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. All Refunds Are Automatic Thru Our Members Area When Requested... I Mean Seriously, If You Cannot See The Value In What Is Being Offered Here, You Should Get A Refund And Probably Quit Trying To Make Money Online All Together! Step One Allows You To Create Killer Eye Catching Ads In Seconds Using Our Custom Image Uploading Tool... Turn Any Image Into A Killer High Converting Ad... In Step Two You Can Choose Where You Want Your Ads To Show PLUS The Look And Feel Of The Ads... This Will Increase The Clicks To Your Offers... Super Easy :-) You Can Even Display Ads In Content, Pop-Ups, And On Your Sidebar... This Will Increase Your Click Thru Rate And Ultimately Your Revenue. Marcus Campbell - Making Money Online Since July, 2000 Contact Info: | Vacaville, California | Questions - 800-893-0675 Who Is Marcus | Contact Marcus | BLOG | DMCA | Privacy Policy and the products and services offered on are not associated, affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by WordPress, nor have they been reviewed tested or certified by WordPress. ClickBank is a registered trademark of Keynetics Inc., a Delaware corporation. is not affiliated with Keynetics Inc. in any way, nor does Keynetics Inc. sponsor or approve any product. Keynetics Inc. expresses no opinion as to the correctness of any of the statements made by in the materials on this Web page. Disclaimer: Simple Sites Big Profits And the Simple Sites Big Profits Website is a guide showing you how I have used the simple sites big profits method to generate an income online for over11 years now. While I cannot guarantee that you will make money following these steps I will teach you everything I can and try to help you personally. As with any business there is always a possibility you may even lose money. The Sites And Examples Referenced In This Website And In The Simple Sites Program May Not Be Producing The Same Results, May Not Be Making Money, Or Even Be Running At The time you read this.

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